Honey Creme

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Honey Creme

I'm sure you would have seen alot of Honey Creme photos sprout on instagram (@janelkuuu) nowadays (Search #honeycremesg on instagram for most Honey Creme photos!)

Long queue!
Well, what's the rave about for this icecream? Here's an introduction taken from their website
"Honey Creme” joint ventures branding between South Korea and Taiwan, with soft serve ice-cream specialty boutiques selling imported South Korea famous “Comb Honey Soft serve ice-cream.” Honey Creme Taiwan officially launched the first boutique on 21st March 2014, at Taipei City well known “Ice Cream War Zone”; Taipei Zhongxiao East Road.
Honey Creme uses South Korea top organic milk ice-cream recipes, integrating with fresh milk and cream; a new formulated soft serve ice-cream with deep and savory milk flavor base and various toppings. The premium ingredients are in conjunction with healthy organic food, which intertwined with agriculture products!
They use top organic milk ice-cream recipes? Sounds great!

There are some seats in Honey Creme, but far and few between. Very narrow and small inside too, so you're really better sitting outside or having this during a stroll.

While the soft serve doesn't taste that milky, as it usually tastes with the normal ice-cream you get from supermarkets, it is really smooth and still creamy. But one gripe for me is the lack of sufficient and inconsistent drizzle, like the comb honey and honey comb.

Here's the drizzle for mine. Looks substantial.
Here's my friend's order. Exactly the same, we both ordered Comb Honey, but her honey drizzle portion looks much less than mine.

It is confusing, but not to be confused with another order called Honey Comb, which the topping is actually a direct cut of the honey comb.

A cut out from this honey comb! It's just a mini piece and I am unable to post the photo because it turned out blur on my phone! *Sigh*

But my friend didn't like her Honey Comb as it was just 2 cubes direct from the Honey Comb. So, nope, it did not make the grade for her.

Here's one of their staff making my friend's Comb Honey Ice-cream. Literally a drizzle.

Another friend got the Dark Chocolate ice-cream, and this was surprisingly good. :) The dark chocolate drizzle was a really nice combination and I thought it was better than the signature Honey Comb & Comb Honey ice-creams.

The Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream (left, $5.50) and my Comb Honey ice-cream (right, $5.50)
My friends and the normal size serving of the Honey Creme Ice-Creams.
Honestly, I do think the price is really expensive for soft serve with a light drizzle of dark chocolate or honey or honeycomb or even organic cotton candy. With prices starting from $5.50 per order of an ice-cream, you might think that you'll be getting something more intricate than just drizzle + soft serve. But that's all it is, folks. 

And as with all new fancy things that hit us then leave speedily with a trail of dust behind, I do expect this hype to die down soon. Thereafter, it's really up to Honey Creme to live up to the hype, or be just one of the many fad stores which don't survive the dynamic tastebuds of us Singaporeans.

Honey Creme
Location: 313 Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #01-37, Singapore 238895
Tel: (65) 6884 8468

Zing Remedy Roll-On Sleep Aid by Eu Yan Sang

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Zing Remedy Roll-On Sleep Aid by Eu Yan Sang
Need a product to help you sleep better at night? Introducing Sleep Aid Roll-on, a product of Eu Yan Sang! I have long been an advocate of TCM as a health booster and after going through a few TCM treatment sessions with Eu Yan Sang, it really helped me feel better and understand my body constitution better.

Recently, feeling tired, I saw this product and just had to get it.

A combination of essential oils that are traditionally used to help soothe tiredness and ease the mind for a good night’s sleep.

Chinese medicine in a bottle? It's 100% natural! 
Where your pulse beats (forehead, wrists, neckline), roll it there for best absoption and let it sink in! The oil also has the lavender smell in it to help your body relax. 
Its main ingredients include Sweet Almond oil, lavender oil, Jojoba seed oil, lemon peel oil, Soyabean oil and some other ingredients!

Simply roll on to aid your rest at night.
I like that I can carry this around easily and whenever I need to relax my mind, I can apply a little of this on my wrist or neck and the whiff will really help me to feel better. 

Of course, this is no cure for any sleeping disorder. To really sleep well, you must still live a well balanced, healthy life and using this just makes your sleep that much better! :)

- Easy to carry around
- Soothes and relaxes the mind
- Easy to roll on

Marché Mövenpick

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Marché Mövenpick
I dropped by Marche Movenpick for a quick dinner after visiting the Bank Art Fair at Pan Pacific Hotel nearby. Just to sidetrack, the art fair was very cool, and I got to see alot of interesting works! Most are very thought inspiring, and some with very deep roots in culture. :)
Now, back to the review for Marche Movenpick. 
Ta-dah! Here we are! This is the best shot I could get of the restrobar, unfortunately, you'll have to keep your eyes open as their signboard is nowhere obvious to be found.
Marché Mövenpick is the urban, innovative concept von Marché International, the leading gastronomy company for highest quality gastronomy ideas at highly-frequented and carefully selected city center locations. With its worldwide brand names Marché® Restaurants, Marché®Natural Bakery, Mövenpick Restaurants, Cindy’s Diner and, added only recently, Marché Mövenpick Restaurants, the company offers a complementary and premium quality total offering at highway rest stops, airports, train stations and other selected city locations.
 "Save water, drink wine." Cute!
 Condiments are placed out on the table for easy use.
With the positioning of itself as a restrobar, you would assume that its drinks would be up to par. 
Both my friend and I ordered one of my favourite drinks - the Mojito ($13.90) - which was served to us too bland. There were too much mint leaves in the drink, no hint of lime and diluted rum. There seemed to be some problem with the concoction as I gave some feedback to the waitress, who got it changed for me. 
When it came back to us, the drink was too strong, there was too much rum. I gave up trying and just completed the rest of the meal with warm water instead. At least for me and my friend, we both felt the same about the mojito, which leaves much to be desired.
And then the food came.

We had the roasted beef savoury crepe ($16.50). In it was roasted capsicum spread and roasted beef chunks. My friend didn't really like the beef as she kept chomping down on beef chunks with thick tendons. I didn't really have the problem though, so I shall not comment on that! But I did like the taste of the beef chunks with the crepe. It is not as savoury as I would like, but just nice for most people.
 Served with some salad.
 The view of within.
Next up, we had the smoked duck breast gourmet pizza ($22.90). Although their specialty was the white pizza, I didn't order that as I was craving for smoked duck pizza, actually. haha!

I was told that the difference between the gourmet pizza and the white pizza is that one's savoury, and the other's sweeter. I believe it also has to do the condiments and seasonings used. Well, I will return for the white pizza another time, because I did love their smoked duck pizza!

It's a 12-inch pizza, standard serving! In fact, it's the only serving they have. 
It was filled with hoisin sauce, spring onions, red chilli, sliced tomatoes and topped with celery. I loved the thin crust, and the duck breast with hoisin sauce was really well done.
When I tear out the pizza, it's close to having no cheese trail. So neat! It's not too overloaded with cheese.
Delicious toppings~
Seriously, both of us weren't able to finish the pizza, so I had half of it taken away. The next day, I heated it up for breakfast, and it was still super nice! (Yay!)

Now, DESSERT. Under recommendation, I tried the Crepe Suzette ($12.90), which uses sliced oranges cooked with liqueur, put over a scoop of Movenpick Vanilla icecream and thin crepe. 

I would have been super pleasantly surprised if it were served with flambé, but it wasn't. hahaha.
Their crepes remain well done. And although the mixture of the crepe suzette had followed the cookbooks, but it wasn't anything to shout about. I did like the Movenpick vanilla ice cream. Although it wasn't overly impressive, but I did enjoy ending the meal with this dessert. 

Another thing for sure, I left knowing that their wait staff all had pretty good customer service standards. Kudos to the great service there, which helped save the performance of the poorly mixed Mojito.

Marché Mövenpick Raffles City
Location: 252 North Bridge Road, #01-17A Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103

Lesson 04 Artist Cube Lipstick by The Face Shop

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lesson 04 Artist Cube Lipstick by The Face Shop
I recently bought 2 lipsticks from The Face Shop Korea and was very glad to finally start using it!

The longish black slim lipsticks are very light and easy to carry, good for those with small purses!

The product has gel primer to help prep and moisturise your lips for a plumper look!

Love these shades!

These 2 lipsticks are the popular colour as their brand ambassador is Miss A's Suzy, who also likes wearing these 2 shades.

Here are the colours!

- Smooth application
- Colours are vibrant
- Moisturising to lips
- Small and light to carry
- Sleek and slim design
- Some people may not appreciate the glossy look.

Dermagold Singapore: Miracle C+ and Skin Revitalizer

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Dermagold Singapore: Miracle C+ and Skin Revitalizer
I came across these star must-haves from Dermagold lately, and decided to get it, despite its slightly costly price tag. The 2 founders of this brand are also dermatologists who know the kinds of skin problems that Singaporean women face in our humid weather conditions. 

Hence, the formula for their series of products also very much cater to our Singaporean skin, unlike mass produced overseas products, which might be more suited for people living in the countries which it was created in.

Presenting to you, the Dermagold Miracle C+ and Skin Revitalizer! 

The Miracle C+ is their star product and has 8-fold anti-oxidant protection, anti-age, anti-pigment, anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle properties.

Directions of use:
Twice a day after cleanser and toner. Use on face, neck and decollete.

As for the skin revitalizer, it is a semi- fluid gel which enhances the process of skin renewal, while extracts of Aloe, Echinacea, Chamomile and Cucumber hydrates the skin intensely.

Directions of use:
Apply onto face after thorough cleansing, after using the Miracle C+.
 Lightweight, gel based. A small amount is sufficient for the whole face.
 Easy absorption!

The following pros and cons are with usage of both bottles at the same period. 


- Lightweight, fast absorption
- Calming and moisturising
- Pleasant, light scent
- Easy dispense pump format
- Hopefully their products can come in bigger packaging.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Update: Following a name update, the skin revitalizer is now known as the Brightening Revitalizer. The product is still the same.

[CLOSED] King & Tommy Western Cuisine

Thursday, 20 November 2014

[CLOSED] King & Tommy Western Cuisine
A newly set up western food stall lays inconspicuously in the corner of a popular eating mini food centre at Harbourfront Centre.

No prizes, but are you able to spot their shop?

What really caught my eye at first was the unusual display of their condiments for customers: Jamie Oliver branded black pepper, red hot chilli pepper and mediterranean sea salt grinds! Oh my oh my. How very special of a western food food stall to use these condiments.

That spiked my interest and I asked one of the staffs why they decided to use these condiments. He shared that it is used only for pastas and for some, on their salmon dishes. He stressed, however, that his dishes focus on having the right flavour in the gravy used, I agreed. And I love gravy, what more for chicken chop dishes, which are its main highlight, at least for me.

So,  I decided to try out one of their signature dishes today, the honey garlic chicken chop ($6.50)! I didn't have to wait too long. The dish was served in less than 4 minutes. Each dish also has 2 complimentary sides, and the portion looked substantial too.

I got the french fries and a cold pasta salad.

Looking at the dish, it was interesting how they used cajun spices for the flavouring of the fries too. It was a creative touch overall, but I was slightly disappointed when part of the fries already became soggy. I just wished that they had paid more attention to their fries, which would have added more points to their ratings.

The pasta salad tasted light and delectable, and I did not have any gripe over it. 

The chicken was tender and there were not much fat on the skin. I liked the honey garlic sauce as it was well done, and a light hint of garlic is apparent, without it overpowering the senses.

I do think they have earned their stripes for a well cooked gravy, and the tender meat. But the side dishes play an important part and I would recommend that they also pay more attention to it, and it'll exceed expectations even more.

Lunch menus are available here too:

Their menu:

King & Tommy Western Cuisine
Location: Harbourfront Centre, 1 Maritime Square #03-19/20/21, Singapore 099253
Website: Link

Little House of Dreams

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Little House of Dreams
PJ and I went to check out a mini cupcake dessert shop at The Central over the weekend! Actually, it was more like we were around the area, and we decided to go for some dessert after having fun at the Purple Parade, which was held in the nearby Hong Lim Park.

We headed over to the directory and we picked the 'cafe' with the cutest sounding name (haha.)

We also saw some cute angels who were doing some promotion for The Central Mall and we liked The Central's facebook page in exchange for lollipops! Whee~ we also got them to strike an angelic pose for us. Lol.

Now, time to head over to Little House of Dreams!
When we got there, we almost thought that we were kind of in the wrong place because a cupcake workshop was in session. I had to ask the staff before they directed me in. When I was seated there, I notice alot of people do come by the shop to buy takeaways for their cupcakes.

Cupcake workshop in session!

The shop has a really small shopfront, and is tucked away right at a corner of the basement level.

Another reason for my misunderstanding on the location is actually because I didn't notice any beverage machines, hence, I don't think it'll really be right to call this a cafe.

Some of the surroundings:

 Cold, instant beverages available for sale here.

I love this little corner of cuteness!

I asked them for recommendations, and ordered the most popular 2 items: Red Velvet Cupcake (Regular Sized, $3.50) and the Rainbow Cake Jar ($7).

The cake jar was really cute!

When unraveled:
 It was really pretty! 3 layers of cream in between each layer of cake, though. A point to note for those on diet.

 After some digging...
All gone~

Nothing to shout about their red velvet cupcakes, while it was on the higher than average side for me. I did enjoy the rainbow cake jar, probably the colour perked my spirits up! :)

Feeling satisfied with desserts!

FYI... there are 2 sizes for the cupcakes, mini ones ($1.50 each) and regular sized ones ($3.50 each). Obviously, the regular sized ones are more worth it as it's more than double the size. There's so many 'Celebrate' and '2' tags on the cupcakes as the shop was just celebrating their 2 year anniversary! 
 Pretty cupcake colours~

I also asked them if they sell tea, as they didn't display the menu. They only have these 2 teas, so I just got it - Riesling Tea ($4) and the Lover's Rose Tea ($4). I would prefer the Riesling Tea as opposed to the Lover's Rose.

Lover's Rose tastes a little sour, could be because the tea bag had also been soaked in the water for too long. The Riesling Tea was light on the palate and went well with the cream rich cupcakes. I would recommend the Riesling Tea to go with the cupcakes. There were traces of Jasmine and White tea leaves in it if I'm not wrong.

Riesling Tea:

Lover's Rose Tea:

Overall, it was a neat find and I enjoyed the cake jar best! :)

Little House of Dreams @ The Central
Location: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central #B1-27E, Singapore 059817
Tel: 6222-2972