Honey Creme

Honey Creme

I'm sure you would have seen alot of Honey Creme photos sprout on instagram (@janelkuuu) nowadays (Search #honeycremesg on instagram for most Honey Creme photos!)

Long queue!
Well, what's the rave about for this icecream? Here's an introduction taken from their website
"Honey Creme” joint ventures branding between South Korea and Taiwan, with soft serve ice-cream specialty boutiques selling imported South Korea famous “Comb Honey Soft serve ice-cream.” Honey Creme Taiwan officially launched the first boutique on 21st March 2014, at Taipei City well known “Ice Cream War Zone”; Taipei Zhongxiao East Road.
Honey Creme uses South Korea top organic milk ice-cream recipes, integrating with fresh milk and cream; a new formulated soft serve ice-cream with deep and savory milk flavor base and various toppings. The premium ingredients are in conjunction with healthy organic food, which intertwined with agriculture products!
They use top organic milk ice-cream recipes? Sounds great!

There are some seats in Honey Creme, but far and few between. Very narrow and small inside too, so you're really better sitting outside or having this during a stroll.

While the soft serve doesn't taste that milky, as it usually tastes with the normal ice-cream you get from supermarkets, it is really smooth and still creamy. But one gripe for me is the lack of sufficient and inconsistent drizzle, like the comb honey and honey comb.

Here's the drizzle for mine. Looks substantial.
Here's my friend's order. Exactly the same, we both ordered Comb Honey, but her honey drizzle portion looks much less than mine.

It is confusing, but not to be confused with another order called Honey Comb, which the topping is actually a direct cut of the honey comb.

A cut out from this honey comb! It's just a mini piece and I am unable to post the photo because it turned out blur on my phone! *Sigh*

But my friend didn't like her Honey Comb as it was just 2 cubes direct from the Honey Comb. So, nope, it did not make the grade for her.

Here's one of their staff making my friend's Comb Honey Ice-cream. Literally a drizzle.

Another friend got the Dark Chocolate ice-cream, and this was surprisingly good. :) The dark chocolate drizzle was a really nice combination and I thought it was better than the signature Honey Comb & Comb Honey ice-creams.

The Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream (left, $5.50) and my Comb Honey ice-cream (right, $5.50)
My friends and the normal size serving of the Honey Creme Ice-Creams.
Honestly, I do think the price is really expensive for soft serve with a light drizzle of dark chocolate or honey or honeycomb or even organic cotton candy. With prices starting from $5.50 per order of an ice-cream, you might think that you'll be getting something more intricate than just drizzle + soft serve. But that's all it is, folks. 

And as with all new fancy things that hit us then leave speedily with a trail of dust behind, I do expect this hype to die down soon. Thereafter, it's really up to Honey Creme to live up to the hype, or be just one of the many fad stores which don't survive the dynamic tastebuds of us Singaporeans.

Honey Creme
Location: 313 Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #01-37, Singapore 238895
Tel: (65) 6884 8468

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