Marché Mövenpick

Marché Mövenpick

I dropped by Marche Movenpick for a quick dinner after visiting the Bank Art Fair at Pan Pacific Hotel nearby. Just to sidetrack, the art fair was very cool, and I got to see alot of interesting works! Most are very thought inspiring, and some with very deep roots in culture. :)
Now, back to the review for Marche Movenpick. 
Ta-dah! Here we are! This is the best shot I could get of the restrobar, unfortunately, you'll have to keep your eyes open as their signboard is nowhere obvious to be found.
Marché Mövenpick is the urban, innovative concept von Marché International, the leading gastronomy company for highest quality gastronomy ideas at highly-frequented and carefully selected city center locations. With its worldwide brand names Marché® Restaurants, Marché®Natural Bakery, Mövenpick Restaurants, Cindy’s Diner and, added only recently, Marché Mövenpick Restaurants, the company offers a complementary and premium quality total offering at highway rest stops, airports, train stations and other selected city locations.
 "Save water, drink wine." Cute!
 Condiments are placed out on the table for easy use.
With the positioning of itself as a restrobar, you would assume that its drinks would be up to par. 
Both my friend and I ordered one of my favourite drinks - the Mojito ($13.90) - which was served to us too bland. There were too much mint leaves in the drink, no hint of lime and diluted rum. There seemed to be some problem with the concoction as I gave some feedback to the waitress, who got it changed for me. 
When it came back to us, the drink was too strong, there was too much rum. I gave up trying and just completed the rest of the meal with warm water instead. At least for me and my friend, we both felt the same about the mojito, which leaves much to be desired.
And then the food came.

We had the roasted beef savoury crepe ($16.50). In it was roasted capsicum spread and roasted beef chunks. My friend didn't really like the beef as she kept chomping down on beef chunks with thick tendons. I didn't really have the problem though, so I shall not comment on that! But I did like the taste of the beef chunks with the crepe. It is not as savoury as I would like, but just nice for most people.
 Served with some salad.
 The view of within.
Next up, we had the smoked duck breast gourmet pizza ($22.90). Although their specialty was the white pizza, I didn't order that as I was craving for smoked duck pizza, actually. haha!

I was told that the difference between the gourmet pizza and the white pizza is that one's savoury, and the other's sweeter. I believe it also has to do the condiments and seasonings used. Well, I will return for the white pizza another time, because I did love their smoked duck pizza!

It's a 12-inch pizza, standard serving! In fact, it's the only serving they have. 
It was filled with hoisin sauce, spring onions, red chilli, sliced tomatoes and topped with celery. I loved the thin crust, and the duck breast with hoisin sauce was really well done.
When I tear out the pizza, it's close to having no cheese trail. So neat! It's not too overloaded with cheese.
Delicious toppings~
Seriously, both of us weren't able to finish the pizza, so I had half of it taken away. The next day, I heated it up for breakfast, and it was still super nice! (Yay!)

Now, DESSERT. Under recommendation, I tried the Crepe Suzette ($12.90), which uses sliced oranges cooked with liqueur, put over a scoop of Movenpick Vanilla icecream and thin crepe. 

I would have been super pleasantly surprised if it were served with flambé, but it wasn't. hahaha.
Their crepes remain well done. And although the mixture of the crepe suzette had followed the cookbooks, but it wasn't anything to shout about. I did like the Movenpick vanilla ice cream. Although it wasn't overly impressive, but I did enjoy ending the meal with this dessert. 

Another thing for sure, I left knowing that their wait staff all had pretty good customer service standards. Kudos to the great service there, which helped save the performance of the poorly mixed Mojito.

Marché Mövenpick Raffles City
Location: 252 North Bridge Road, #01-17A Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103

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