I would like to start this project in the form of a letter from me to you. 

How this project began was because during the circuit breaker period, I had faced many challenges mentally, from being burnt out from work to dealing with being cooped up at home for 24/7.

I believe many of you have also faced the same issues, and I'm sure for some, who faced even more dire issues.  

As I looked to the Lord and spent more time with Him during this season, I realised I was just 3 months away from my birthday (in October) and I decided to make each day count. 

Especially since during this Covid-19 period, even though I knew I was doing so many things every day, I felt I wasn't making any progress at all. So I began to track small, daily achievements. 

One of such was how I aimed to pray for 10 people each day, and over 90 days (3 months), by the time it hit my birthday, I would have prayed for 900 people - ranging from friends to even strangers online. 

I named the project #Ku90DaysFor900People. 

Screengrab of the project from my private page.

The project to pray for 10 people was not an easy one, because I had to look for people online to pray for, and that really took up much time. 

So by the time it reached my birthday, I had only prayed for over 200 people. 

266 individuals, to be exact!

Although I was unable to reach my initial goal of 900 people, I have faith that I was able to move things along for these 266 individuals just by praying for them. So, honestly I really don't want to end this project, or put a time limit to it. (Because, why limit it to just 90 days?)

And even though I had not reached my goal, 266 individuals was by far the most people I've ever prayed for, even in 3 to 4 years put together!

So now, I've decided to get this prayer project moving along, and instead of me trying to search through the internet to find people to pray for, I would like to send an open invitation to those who need a prayer/s!

During my quiet time with the Lord, I will be utmost happy if I could include you in my prayers :) (Yes, even if it's a prayer for someone's birthday or your own, your family member's health, or simply a bad habit that you're believing to get rid of!

So if you've a prayer need, pls send them to me if you'd like me to also contribute in prayer for you! 

This whole process will totally be anonymous and I hope to be able to make a difference for you lovely people, through the simple act of prayer.

FYI: you don't have to be Christian and you don't have to be Singaporean! I believe that prayer changes (and moves) things, so please feel free to submit your requests to me any time you feel like you need it.

With much love, 



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