Little House of Dreams

Little House of Dreams

PJ and I went to check out a mini cupcake dessert shop at The Central over the weekend! Actually, it was more like we were around the area, and we decided to go for some dessert after having fun at the Purple Parade, which was held in the nearby Hong Lim Park.

We headed over to the directory and we picked the 'cafe' with the cutest sounding name (haha.)

We also saw some cute angels who were doing some promotion for The Central Mall and we liked The Central's facebook page in exchange for lollipops! Whee~ we also got them to strike an angelic pose for us. Lol.

Now, time to head over to Little House of Dreams!
When we got there, we almost thought that we were kind of in the wrong place because a cupcake workshop was in session. I had to ask the staff before they directed me in. When I was seated there, I notice alot of people do come by the shop to buy takeaways for their cupcakes.

Cupcake workshop in session!

The shop has a really small shopfront, and is tucked away right at a corner of the basement level.

Another reason for my misunderstanding on the location is actually because I didn't notice any beverage machines, hence, I don't think it'll really be right to call this a cafe.

Some of the surroundings:

 Cold, instant beverages available for sale here.

I love this little corner of cuteness!

I asked them for recommendations, and ordered the most popular 2 items: Red Velvet Cupcake (Regular Sized, $3.50) and the Rainbow Cake Jar ($7).

The cake jar was really cute!

When unraveled:
 It was really pretty! 3 layers of cream in between each layer of cake, though. A point to note for those on diet.

 After some digging...
All gone~

Nothing to shout about their red velvet cupcakes, while it was on the higher than average side for me. I did enjoy the rainbow cake jar, probably the colour perked my spirits up! :)

Feeling satisfied with desserts!

FYI... there are 2 sizes for the cupcakes, mini ones ($1.50 each) and regular sized ones ($3.50 each). Obviously, the regular sized ones are more worth it as it's more than double the size. There's so many 'Celebrate' and '2' tags on the cupcakes as the shop was just celebrating their 2 year anniversary! 
 Pretty cupcake colours~

I also asked them if they sell tea, as they didn't display the menu. They only have these 2 teas, so I just got it - Riesling Tea ($4) and the Lover's Rose Tea ($4). I would prefer the Riesling Tea as opposed to the Lover's Rose.

Lover's Rose tastes a little sour, could be because the tea bag had also been soaked in the water for too long. The Riesling Tea was light on the palate and went well with the cream rich cupcakes. I would recommend the Riesling Tea to go with the cupcakes. There were traces of Jasmine and White tea leaves in it if I'm not wrong.

Riesling Tea:

Lover's Rose Tea:

Overall, it was a neat find and I enjoyed the cake jar best! :)

Little House of Dreams @ The Central
Location: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central #B1-27E, Singapore 059817
Tel: 6222-2972

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