Zing Remedy Roll-On Sleep Aid by Eu Yan Sang

Zing Remedy Roll-On Sleep Aid by Eu Yan Sang

Need a product to help you sleep better at night? Introducing Sleep Aid Roll-on, a product of Eu Yan Sang! I have long been an advocate of TCM as a health booster and after going through a few TCM treatment sessions with Eu Yan Sang, it really helped me feel better and understand my body constitution better.

Recently, feeling tired, I saw this product and just had to get it.

A combination of essential oils that are traditionally used to help soothe tiredness and ease the mind for a good night’s sleep.

Chinese medicine in a bottle? It's 100% natural! 
Where your pulse beats (forehead, wrists, neckline), roll it there for best absoption and let it sink in! The oil also has the lavender smell in it to help your body relax. 
Its main ingredients include Sweet Almond oil, lavender oil, Jojoba seed oil, lemon peel oil, Soyabean oil and some other ingredients!

Simply roll on to aid your rest at night.
I like that I can carry this around easily and whenever I need to relax my mind, I can apply a little of this on my wrist or neck and the whiff will really help me to feel better. 

Of course, this is no cure for any sleeping disorder. To really sleep well, you must still live a well balanced, healthy life and using this just makes your sleep that much better! :)

- Easy to carry around
- Soothes and relaxes the mind
- Easy to roll on

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