Seoul Exciting 2014 - Day 8 and 9

Seoul Exciting 2014 - Day 8 and 9

Here's the day 8 and day 9 of my Seoul Exciting Trip in late April 2014!

What's in this post:
Day 8:
- Jilsiru Tteok Cafe
- Free Market (Flea Market Hongdae)
- Thanks Nature Sheep Cafe
- Cafe Comma

Day 9:
- Noryangjin Fisheries Market
- Kyochon Chicken

Jilsiru Tteok Cafe 떡카페 질시루
Jilsiru is a traditional Korean rice cake cafe that sells many Korean traditional snacks. There are a wide variety of rice cakes, sweets & cookies here!

Location: 30-5, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Free Market (Flea Market Hongdae)
Here, you get to see so many talented artistes doing their thing. It is closed from December to February (because it's just too cold in Winter!). They open every Saturday from 1pm to 6pm (March to November). Almost everything is handmade by the artists themselves, with a creative touch, making the items they sell unique. I bought quite a few items here myself, including 2 handmade soft toys (which you will be able to see their photo in my Cafe Comma visit (scroll down))! The items here are not exactly cheap, and they only accept cash, so do take note of that when you visit.

Location: 19-3, Wausan-ro 21-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Thanks Nature Sheep Cafe
When we visited this cafe, it was during a weekend afternoon, and sadly to say, it was full and there were no more seats! I heard that the owner will sometimes bring the sheep around the cafe to have a walk, but I'm not sure how, especially when the cafe seems pretty packed. Anyway, while in the end I didn't have a chance to have a coffee here, but I was glad to capture a shot of the sheep just chilling out at the corner. :)

Location: Seogyo Prugio Apartment Store B121), B1, 486, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul-Si (Hongdae, nearest to exit 9)

Cafe Comma
This bookstore cafe is a good looker. Be amazed by the high ceilings, that remind you of Belle sliding across the bookshelves in Beauty and the Beast, in her "Bonjour" Bookshop scene, with the bookshelves much taller and grander here. As for the drinks and the dessert, they are pretty alright but I wouldn't expect much from it. A photo from my cuties (purchased from Hongdae's Free Market) in the book cafe! :)
Location: Hongik University Subway Station (Exit 3).
Once you've exited the subway exit, turn left and you should be able to see it.

Noryangjin Fisheries Market
Fresh seafood galore. Something I would suggest for you to do, especially if you are unfamiliar with Seoul's seafood dishes, is to do some research before going there, so you won't spend too much time mulling over what to buy or what to eat. I bought ingredients that will go into my Flower crab stew, and it was good. Even if you don't end up buying anything (which will be rare), just check out the various seafood here, fish out your camera and snap away!

Click here for full review: Noryangjin Fisheries Market
Location: 688 Nodeul-ro Dongjak-gu, Seoul South Korea

Kyochon Chicken
Sorry I didn't do up any review for this because I had the chicken delivered to me. But I tell you, this is one of the best fried chicken I ever had. Try their honey flavoured chicken and their original chicken. Warning, you will be hooked. You might also like to read my takeaway review here: How to order food delivery in Korea.

Website: http://www.kyochon.com/main.asp (Korean only)
Location: 362-15 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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