Glomax Aesthetics: Luminous Detox Facial Review

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Glomax Aesthetics: Luminous Detox Facial Review
Recently, I received an invitation to receive a facial treatment at GLOMAX Aesthetics. Not knowing what to expect, I accepted the facial treatment after knowing that the facial they offered was an award winning facial treatment service. 

I headed over to their location in Clarke Quay and got here one weekday afternoon.
The entrance was nothing fancy, and in fact, it does look a little more homely once you step into the shop.

The friendly staff reviewed my skin and shared with me a little on the treatment I was about to receive. She also commented that my skin looked tired, and a little yellowish - to which I agreed since I just came back from winter in Korea.

Here's my before photo:
I was then led to a room, which was also quite  homely looking, with flowery wallpaper.

Here, I started my 90-min facial treatment journey here - the 'Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment'. This treatment won the The Women's Weekly Best Pre Party Facial Award 2014

First, they purified my skin with Diamond microdermabrasion (which invigorates cell renewal). I asked them if this would redden my skin after the treatment, which my facial therapist patiently replied, "No dear, it would not. Don't worry." 

No steaming is used, but a sonic cleansing machine gently vibrates the dirt off the skin so as to prepare the skin for any manual extraction. 

Here's the before photo on the cleansing pad. 
Here's the after - OMGee! I didn't expect my face to have so much dirt, please. T.T But I'm glad it's all out.
Extraction time! To be honest, extraction still hurt - though not that much. Especially around my nose area, which is my serious pore-clogged zone. SIGH.

The dirt from my whitehead/blackhead extraction! ARGH!! Disgusting! - Don't say I didn't warn you. haha.
Here, she's using a high frequency machine to repair and calm any open wounds, speeding up the skin’s natural healing. This machine is designed with a customized cocktail of vitamins to refresh and strengthen the skin protective barrier, the skin immediately comes out looking clean and glowing inside out. After that, a 20-min customised mask to end off the session! :)
Different skin types will entail a usage of different cocktail of vitamins, which will help with whitening, anti-aging, anti-oxidants, acne/oily skin treatment or sensitive skin. The therapist will be glad to advise you on this after accessing your skin.

Before & After photos below are without any makeup, taken under the same type of lighting.

After: The instant whitening effect! This is seriously visible and I was really impressed! Skin is much cleaner than before too.
Overall, I really enjoyed this treatment and I'm glad I did come for it!

Now.. for my readers only:

Enjoy full 60 mins Luminous Detox Facial @ $88 instead of $168 when you quote "JANELKU"! WOOHOO!
I suggest you call or sms them to make an appointment before you go there. Walk-ins are not recommended. 

GLOMAX Aesthetics 
Location: 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #6-168, SOHO 2 Singapore 059819 (Beside Swissotel Merchant Court)
Opening Hours: 10am- 8pm (Mon-Fri), 10am - 5pm (Sat-Sun)
Tel: +65 6225 5193 
SMS: +65 9459 0795


Museums in Gwangju (광주의 박물관)

Monday, 21 December 2015

Museums in Gwangju (광주의 박물관)
One of the attractions you should visit in Gwangju are their museums. Hence, that was part of our itinerary! First stop: the Gwangju National Museum. 

From our hotel, we took a taxi there. Taking a taxi is still our first choice, as it is still quite affordable and less hassle. It was easy to do so as we just got the hotel concierge to help us make a taxi booking (without extra booking charges). 

It might be confusing and difficult for those who travel to Gwangju for the first time, or have difficulties understanding / speaking the Korean language, as you will have to take the train, then walk to the U-Square terminal before taking a bus. 

Here, we got to see many historic items, as the exhibition here focuses on Prehistoric and Ancient culture. 
Horse-shaped earthenware

We were introduced to one of the English speaking volunteer museum guides, Mr Yun Soo-Woong (윤수웅선생님). A retired principal, we had a great time navigating the museum with his guidance. 

Here's one of my favourite item, Knobbed comma-shaped jade (딸린곱은옥, 母子曲玉), so beautiful and exquisite, in my opinion. This jade was from the Kohun period. Really lovely.

We also got to view Korea's national treasure number 103,Stone Lantern Decorated Twin-Lions (쌍사자석등, 双狮子石燈), a stone lantern which shows of 2 stone lions full of strength, like pillars of support. The item dates back to the Unified Silla era, 9th century.

Mr Yun also explained each level of the structure, and each level has a meaning, like how one lion has its open wide open, while the other has its mouth closed, signifying the beginning and the end. We appreciated the structure so much better after his detailed explanation.

Group shot!

Thank you Mr Yun. We really learnt so much from you - hope to see you again! :) 

Gwangju National Museum (국립광주박물관)

English address: 110 Haseo-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 
Korean address: 광주광역시 북구 하서로 110
Admission: Free

Next stop: Gwangju Museum of Art! 
While walking past the Biennale Hall.
Along the way to the Museum of Art, we chanced upon the folk museum. It looked big and lovely. Too bad, due to the lack of time, we skipped it.


When we visited, one of the exhibitions was Incomplete Dream (강철수-미완의 꿈) by late painter, Kang Cheol-Soo (1951-2014).
I enjoyed viewing his paintings, how it transitioned in different periods of his life, as well as the showcase of his room while he was studying away from his sweetheart.

Here's a picture of his workspace.

The exhibition also showcased his handwritten letters back home, the emotions of his homesickness were translated so well to its viewers.

The exhibition runs from 1 Sept 2015 - 24 January 2016.
Giant red shoe which had every passerby stop to take a photo.

A robotic Little Prince outside the Art Museum

Gwangju Museum of Art (광주시립미술관)
English address: 52, Haseo-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 
Korean address: 광주 북구 하서로 52
Operating hours: 10am-6pm (Weekdays, Weekends, National holidays), 
10am-8pm (Every last Wednesday a month), Closed (Every Monday, New year's day, 1st and last day of Chinese New Year/Chuseok)
Adult - Individual 500won
Children 200won

Here are the other museums that I didn't get to visit because of lack of time. Well, I guess I will have to come back here another time for this! :)

Gwangju Folk Museum (광주시립민속박물관)
English address: 48-25, Seoha-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 
Korean address: 광주광역시 북구 서하로 48-25 (용봉동)
Adults 500 won
Children 200won

Gwangju Biennale Hall (광주 비엔날레)
English address: 111 Biennale-ro, yongbong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju , 500-845, Republic of Korea
Korean address: 광주광역시 북구 비엔날레로 111(용봉동)

The hall is located just a short walk away from the Gwangju Museum of Art, located in the Jung-oe Park Culture Center.

CCA Korean Hair Salon 까 헤어샵: Smoothing my frizzy hair

Sunday, 20 December 2015

CCA Korean Hair Salon 까 헤어샵: Smoothing my frizzy hair
I just came back from South Korea, where the weather is cold and dry. So, I decided to go for a hair makeover session at CCA Korean Hair Salon.

They also have 7 shops within Seoul, with Myeongdong's branch being its headquarter branch. If you'd like to know, here is their Korean name: 까 헤어샵 (kka hairshop). Pronounced 'Kka', but to them, their translation for it is 'CCA'. :)
If you go to their website (the Singapore one, of course), you will find that it functions just like an online shopping website, which is very cool! Here, you can also shop for items based on your needs, for eg.: Woman's style, Men's style, Hair colour (yes, you can shop for the colour you actually want!) and Hair products!

The buying process is simple:
1. Select the type of hair makeover style.
2. Checkout with the item.
3. Make an online payment.
4. Make an appointment online following your confirmed payment.
5. Turn up at the salon for your scheduled appointment.

Of course, you can also go online to choose the hairstyle you wish to have, then save it in your phone and let the stylist know whenever you are free to walk-in. Free and easy.

Far East plaza has so many hair salons on the same floor. It took me some time to locate CCA as I was trying to look around to ensure it was the right one I walked into. Turns out, it was at the most obvious place: facing the atrium.

When I stepped in, I was greeted warmly and was served with my favourite drink: Iced americano!

Yes, they have a mini 'cafe' thing in their salon, where they serve free drinks for customers, in a takeaway cup! Drinks are standard, like hot/iced americano, iced tea, water.

Hairstylists were fresh in the Singapore scene as they were previously working in  the CCA Hair Salon in Seoul. Yes, this brand is genuinely from Seoul, people.
Photo of my hair before I visited the salon (blur shot, sorry! >,<)
I actually wanted to do a perm. But after consultation and checking of my hair texture, my stylist Daniel, suggested that I just settle with a long overdue hair dye and treatment session. I went along with it happily as I didn't want to damage my hair further.
Taken at the salon - with my handphone cos my camera died on me :( My hair looks limp, dry and damaged.

As my hair was badly damaged and frizzy (my genes, *cry*), they decided to use the Haohnico programme (하오니코 크리닉), a Korean hair product brand, for the treatment. Here's pretty much how it all went down:

1. They washed my hair with Econico shampoo and warm water first.
2. Then applied the essence on my hair thoroughly.
3. They then used a machine to ensure the essence is infused into the hair strands.
4. Washed my hair and dried it.
5. Put on a special lotion and let it set. Thereafter, washing it out totally.
6. Style with dryer, and we're done!

Photo of step 1
Photo of step 2
Photo of step 3

Step 6, we're done!

The entire process took about 1 hour.
Group shot! My stylist was Daniel, the only guy in the photo :)
Here's the 'after' shots, yes, taken during different time frames after enduring an entire day in the office!

Day 3 after hair treatment 

 Hair is much healthier looking, and easier to manage.

Day 7 after hair treatment

I also dyed my hair to a dark cocoa brown - but somehow, the colour didn't show up much, only under the sun it is more visible. My hair does look much healthier now. :)

Taken in the sunlight, 1.5weeks after the treatment.
But after one entire week, it was proven that my hair had become easier to manage, and I really did not see much frizz. You know, those curly baby hairs that stick out by themselves, like they were repelled by the tribe? Yes, most of those suckers stayed down! YAY!
I foresee myself going back for treatments as I really did enjoy the after effects of it, which gave me smoother locks! So... thank you CCA! :)

CCA Hair Singapore 까 헤어샵 - Korea Beauty Hair Salon 
Address: 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza Singapore 228213
Tel: 6262-0691
Operating Hours: Everyday (10am - 9pm)

Holiday Inn Gwangju Hotel (홀리데이인 광주호텔) in South Korea

Holiday Inn Gwangju Hotel (홀리데이인 광주호텔) in South Korea
When I visited Gwangju, I booked Holiday Inn 홀리데이인 광주호텔 and had a really enjoyable stay. 
Very very spacious lobby with warm and welcoming lights. The staff are welcoming. We visited the concierge 2 times to get them to call a taxi for us - free of charge / no extra taxi booking fees. They also provide a card with the Korean address we wish to go to, so we did not have to direct the taxi. When the taxi arrived, we just had to pass the card to the taxi driver and he will go off. :) The card also has the contact number and address of the Holiday Inn hotel, just in case.
A bar/cafe lounge. Again, spacious seems like the key for this hotel.
Our room! :) First thing we did - switch on the tv!
The King sized bed for the 3 of us. :)
Temperature system. Originally set at 22 deg celcius.
You can look into the toilet!
Peekaboo from inside the toilet! haha. While this feature is fun to have - but I don't really understand why the privacy blinds (no peekaboo) are located outside, where it can be operated by the people waiting outside - aka your roommates. Shouldn't the privacy blinds be operated by the person who is inside the toilet?
The toilet is very comfortable and spacious. With floors that don't send a chill up your feet, fitted with a shower (i rather standing showers than bathtubs) and bidet toilet. I also love that the shower uses Grohe - my favourite brand in shower heads. The comfort level of the water spray is just... lovely and comforting - especially when you return from the winter weather outdoors.
Simple liquid body soaps, shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion are provided.
Happy to note that more and more hotels are being environment conscious, and this hotel is one of them.
You can choose between the soft or the firm pillows, but both, in my opinion, are not up to my level of firmness. 2 'firm' pillows could work better.

The exclusive hotel facilities for those who stay in the hotel.

The lovely indoor swimming pool. No diving here, of course. Its depth is only 1.5metres (4.92ft).
The gym is big and spacious, with many fitness equipment available.
A room for you to do your weights! :)
Overall, I liked enjoyed the hotel stay and the facilities looked nice, spacious and clean!

Holiday Inn Gwangju
Address: 55 Sangmunuri-ro, Seo-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea, 502-827
Korean address: 광주광역시 서구 상무누리로 55
Tel: +82 (62) 610-7000
For more, you can visit their website here: English, Korean
Nearest station: Kim Dae Jung Convention Centre Subway Station, Exit 4 (walk all the way straight)