Holiday Inn Gwangju Hotel (홀리데이인 광주호텔) in South Korea

Holiday Inn Gwangju Hotel (홀리데이인 광주호텔) in South Korea

When I visited Gwangju, I booked Holiday Inn 홀리데이인 광주호텔 and had a really enjoyable stay. 
Very very spacious lobby with warm and welcoming lights. The staff are welcoming. We visited the concierge 2 times to get them to call a taxi for us - free of charge / no extra taxi booking fees. They also provide a card with the Korean address we wish to go to, so we did not have to direct the taxi. When the taxi arrived, we just had to pass the card to the taxi driver and he will go off. :) The card also has the contact number and address of the Holiday Inn hotel, just in case.
A bar/cafe lounge. Again, spacious seems like the key for this hotel.
Our room! :) First thing we did - switch on the tv!
The King sized bed for the 3 of us. :)
Temperature system. Originally set at 22 deg celcius.
You can look into the toilet!
Peekaboo from inside the toilet! haha. While this feature is fun to have - but I don't really understand why the privacy blinds (no peekaboo) are located outside, where it can be operated by the people waiting outside - aka your roommates. Shouldn't the privacy blinds be operated by the person who is inside the toilet?
The toilet is very comfortable and spacious. With floors that don't send a chill up your feet, fitted with a shower (i rather standing showers than bathtubs) and bidet toilet. I also love that the shower uses Grohe - my favourite brand in shower heads. The comfort level of the water spray is just... lovely and comforting - especially when you return from the winter weather outdoors.
Simple liquid body soaps, shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion are provided.
Happy to note that more and more hotels are being environment conscious, and this hotel is one of them.
You can choose between the soft or the firm pillows, but both, in my opinion, are not up to my level of firmness. 2 'firm' pillows could work better.

The exclusive hotel facilities for those who stay in the hotel.

The lovely indoor swimming pool. No diving here, of course. Its depth is only 1.5metres (4.92ft).
The gym is big and spacious, with many fitness equipment available.
A room for you to do your weights! :)
Overall, I liked enjoyed the hotel stay and the facilities looked nice, spacious and clean!

Holiday Inn Gwangju
Address: 55 Sangmunuri-ro, Seo-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea, 502-827
Korean address: 광주광역시 서구 상무누리로 55
Tel: +82 (62) 610-7000
For more, you can visit their website here: English, Korean
Nearest station: Kim Dae Jung Convention Centre Subway Station, Exit 4 (walk all the way straight)

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