New Social Kitchen & Bar: The Don Ho Experience

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

New Social Kitchen & Bar: The Don Ho Experience

There's a new social kitchen & bar in Keong Saik Road, and it's name is Don Ho.

While walking along the main street of Keong Saik, you're wondering where the entrance to this place is, and you're peering into the windows of the restaurant from the outside.

Panic not - the entrance is right behind the back alley of the building.

The entrance might look like nothing much, but enter in to a whole new atmosphere once you step into the restaurant, it's just like you walked into a garden, with its heavily nature inspired design.

The ambiance of the place is cozy, yet it sports a modern design with a whole lot of good vibes going on. People were busy hanging around the bar corner, sipping on early evening cocktails, beers while chatting away as I was led to a corner to enjoy an early dinner with the bestie.

The kitchen sports an open concept, chefs busily prepping dishes amongst a busy view of the wood-fired oven, used to prepare their delish fares.

Not knowing what to expect, I asked for recommendations and made the orders: a mixture of food from their 'Land', 'Earth' and 'Sea', an interesting classification of their food categories.

We tried the Zaatar Flat Bread ($12) served with labneh - a Middle Eastern yogurt "cheese", which has a thick consistency - went extremely well together. It was delicious - there was a good amount of herbs on it and I highly recommend this as a sharing starter with friends.

The Smoke Ox Tongue slider ($20) might raise some eyebrows. After all - ox tongue's not commonly served in many places. It was not a mistake, the texture of the Ox tongue was a winner. Both of us enjoyed the slider pretty much, which also packed a good amount of cabbage slaw, pickled cucumber, chipotle mayo in between.

Zaatar Flat Bread

Smoke Ox Tongue slider 

Ash Cured Ocean Trout Pastrami 
Then we had the Roasted Iberico Pork Jowl ($16) and was advised to eat it with the slow-cooked egg. Yes, this was goooood. The pork was pretty tender and went well with the egg and leveled up the overall flavour.

The Ash Cured Ocean Trout Pastrami ($14) found favour with my bestie's palate, seemingly as she slaps on a chunk of english mustard cream, trout roe atop crisp bread that sends mixed savoury and crunch signals with every munch.

The Grassfed black angus striploin (120g, $20) served with chimichurri was right up my alley, since I'm a meat lover. Still, I think it could have been more tender though the bestie thinks it actually tastes fine just the way it already was.

Grassfed black angus striploin

Roasted Iberico Pork Jowl

Lastly, we had a 'Happy Ending' served to us: the dessert. Baklava ($10), which sports a generous serving of pistachio crumbs, candied almonds, pashmak and sour cream ice cream, had been our happy ending.

Pashmak, also known as the Persian Cotton Candy, is a really interesting ingredient they added to the dessert. A light sweetness with a earthy taste that carried the overall dessert theme well. A nice mixture of earthy, nutty flavours played with our palates throughout.

The table next to us were also very tempted to order the exact same thing, amongst the excited chitter-chatter that found its way to our ears.

After enjoying the food, it was time to immerse in a little more catch-up about our day's work while chilling out with our cocktails - Coco Bongo ($18) and Yuzu Mule ($20). 

Ladies who loves a sweeter tasting cocktail can try the Coco Bongo, while for some like me - who loves a more refreshing cocktail, will enjoy the Yuzu Mule.
Coco Bongo

Yuzu Mule

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Don Ho
Location: 1 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089109
Tel: +65 6223 5001
Opening Hours: 7pm to midnight

This was an invited media tasting session by Don Ho.

Taiwan's 美咖 MKUP's 5D Illuminating Primer Review!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Taiwan's 美咖 MKUP's 5D Illuminating Primer Review!

Today I'll be sharing on Taiwan's 美咖 MKUP's 5D Illuminating Primer! Also known in Chinese as MKUP 美咖 5D琉璃光妝前乳.

This brand originates from Taiwan and I bought this product from one of their beauty shops. I can't remember exactly how much, but I think it's about SGD$22 after conversion.

You can check out their primer video here (mandarin only). The girl in the video is showing how long lasting it is, with a sheen and radiance that lasts throughout, even as she exercises and sweats profusely.

This is a 2-in-1 Primer and Highlighter.

First look
The box doesn't look too classy at first sight, but well, what's more important are the contents, right?


How to use: 

As a primer, apply onto whole face focusing on dull & sallow areas. Then, blend onto skin with a brush for better effect. Or for lazy people like me, I just applied it onto my face with my fingers. hahaha!

To have an overall highlighting effect, use with a foundation. First, pump out an appropriate amount of foundation & the 5D illuminating primer (I do it with a 1:1 ratio). Mix it well onto your hands and gently pat onto the whole face, focusing on the cheekbones, chin and the t-zone areas. It'll be a nice highlighted finish for the face.


When I first tested it, this primer is extremely weightless and really feels like you just applied a silky veil on your skin. As I'm a Singaporean 'sweater' (person who always sweats too easily), I also dusted some powder to quickly mattify my cheek and forehead areas. But really, you can totally apply this without any powder and it'll be a lovely sheen and glow on your face! I kinda like this!

This primer has violet light reflecting flecks and aims to brighten dull skin while providing a natural strobing effect.

What I like about it is that it's also quite moisturising.

With one of the main ingredients as South America's Natural Babassu Oil, it's supposed to deeply penetrate into skin to lock in moisture without feeling greasy, and soothes sensitive and acne skin. Still, I maintain that it's better to do a test patch first if you're not sure if it's suitable for your skin.

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Official MKUP Website:
MKUP Singapore's Facebook Page:

Wining, Dining and Chilling out at Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro

Monday, 6 March 2017

Wining, Dining and Chilling out at Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro

Not new to the affordably priced wines they have to offer here, we decided to pick this bistro-bar on Friday night to celebrate a bestie's sweet 30th birthday.

Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro offers an extensive wine list and a selection of over 30 wines by the glass, plus, 10 exclusively imported draft beers. While it's seemingly big enough with 350 seats both indoor and al fresco, though you'll often still see people queuing to get a seat.

I've provided the reservation details all the way at the bottom of the post. But just note that they are quite strict on keeping to your reservation time as they do have a long queue that keeps piling on so please try to be on time!

We went al fresco, because we didn't want to wait for an indoor seat. But well - what did you expect - it being Singapore, al freso was a warm idea. Literally. We were warm, though not to the extent of perspiration.

Other than the lovely wines - they also serve up some lovely food.

We started with the Cheese platter ($16)- 150gm of imported cheese with freshly baked bread, a Spanish Style Gambas ($12) - sauteed prawns cooked in garlic and topped with paprika, virgin olive oil and chilli, best to enjoy with bread that is also freshly toasted.

Then we head for the Parma ham & rocket pizza ($16), which were one of the chef recommendations in the menu. The pizza was thin crusted and so delicious. We finished it in minutes. I also side ordered a Grilled salmon fillet ($24), their savoury grilled salmon was nicely done and served with rocket salad and white wine sauce. Although I didn't really dig the white wine sauce much... I preferred to have my salmon plain.

From memory, we enjoyed the lamb shank ($23) so we ordered it again this time round. Unfortunately, we didn't enjoy the lamb shank as much as we previously did. Somewhat a drop in standard. While still tender, the taste was somewhat... off. (and that made me a sad bunny.)

Lastly, we also had the Spanish paella (for 2 to share, $32), which featured a creamy paella chock filled with mussels, prawns, spicy chorizo and chicken drumsticks.

All in all, it was a lovely place to chill out, with the food being more of a hit than a miss. We also enjoyed our 2 bottles of red wine along with the food.

Here's wishing you a very happy 30th birthday, my sweet bestie!

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Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro
Location: 11 Unity Street #01-19/20 , Singapore 237995 (Robertson Walk) - near the fountain 
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM - 1:00 AM (Mon-Thu), 11:30 AM - 2:00 AM (Fri-Sat), 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM (Sundays)
Reservations: +65 6235-5466

Tarte Overhaul: Products to mark the beautiful start of Spring

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Tarte Overhaul: Products to mark the beautiful start of Spring

Yes, my blog post title is such a slap in the face, especially when it's always only either really sunny or rainy in tropical Singapore. If you don't already know how Singapore's weather works, we are an exceptionally hot country (daily temp averages about 32℃ / 89.6℉!).

Not to mention that it gets worse - the humidity, tsk!

Totally makes our skin difficult to absorb heavy creams, whether our skin needs it or not. And it gets sticky easily, too. So.. spring? Not much. But in my heart is Spring - since I got these products from Tarte for my use in March.

Let's get to my Tarte purchases, shall we?

Opening act lash primer
Pricing: SGD$32.

Did I mention how this primer also comes with a mini 4-in-1 mascara sample? Love it! I used it once so far and I am super pleased with it. It moisturises my lashes and doesn't clump them after I apply 2 coats of mascara. It keeps my lashes moisturised and nourished after I apply my Tarte mascara, my eyelashes are soft too once the mascara has dried which is awesome, not like some mascaras (eck hem, Too Faced Mascara (waterproof Better Than Sex), I'm recalling all those awful, clumpy days with you!)

On the side, I can totally see myself using this primer with my favourite Too Faced Mascara (better Than Sex, too, but not the waterproof one). It will be fantastic!

To use: Apply primer before mascara, wedging 360° magniLASH brush at the base of lashes and combing upward to the tip. For the perfect grand finale, finish with two coats of included deluxe lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara.

TarteGuard 30 Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF30  
Pricing: SGD$51.

When living in Singapore, NEVER go without a sunscreen. The hot sun rays will find means and ways to penetrate your delicate skin. Sunscreens are one of my must-haves in my beauty cabinet. I will never go without this - so Tarte's first ever, non-chemical sunscreen? Yes please!

This product is supposedly great for sensitive skin and doesn't have a strong eeky sunscreen smell to it, which is perfect! It's also a non-chemical sunscreen, daily moisturizer, weightless, non-greasy finish, great for those in humid hot little Singapore. This is also vegan friendly and hypoallergenic! Another great reason to go with this. But I must say, packaging looks very 'casual' with a silicone type outer 'jacket' for the bottle. So far, I've enjoyed the couple of times I used it because it blends out fairly well and leaves no unsightly white cast over my skin, so, yay!

This sunscreen contains maracuja and vitamin C to help with firming, brightening and smoothes the skin, while another main ingredient is soybean and honeysuckle extract, to help combat signs of aging and calms the skin. 

To use: Apply to clean, dry face, alone or under makeup, in the morning and as needed before sun exposure. For drier skin types, it can also be layered with your favorite daily moisturizer.

Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush 
Pricing: SGD$45 each.

Did it last 12-hours on the cheek in hot humid Singapore? .... Yes for me. If you're stuck in the office like me, most of the day, you will find happiness with this long-wearing and soft, romantic looking blush. It's also infused with Amazonian clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River and naturally baked by the sun. This blush is pretty pigmented and is very easy to blend.

Colour builds up easily so there's no need to go crazy on the dabbing, ladies!

I got Glisten, which is a lovely, shimmery peachy pink. I think it suits fair skin pretty well. Following the success of its 12-hour blush line, Tarte launched four “naughty nude” matte shades some time mid-last year, with the same formula as the other blushes.

I love the Golden Nude as it goes so well on the skin and of course, being in the 'nude' section of the blushes means that this blush is not a vibrant or a colour popping one, which is great for girls who wants a super natural, everyday look.

To use: Using a blush brush, fan over the apples of the cheeks, blending along the cheekbone.

Drench Lip Splash Lipstick 
Pricing: SGD$30 each.
A full coverage matte lipstick with lip-loving™ antioxidants. I honestly don't know why I hear mixed reviews on its casing. Don't you think the gradient colours make it look so hot? Anyhoo, that's my view.

I love the smooth glide on the lippies and these awesome lipsticks have power pigments! So far, I love the awesome colours I bought and will likely purchase more. I bought Cabana Boy (Mauve) and Beach Bum (dark nude). These shades seem to go perfectly with fair complexions!

I love that the formula also does not dry out my lips and to be fair, since I do use lip primers to ensure my lippies last longer, so I won't comment if it holds out well yet.

To use: Use the precision, tapered tip to define and contour lips. For the perfect shape, start in the middle of lips and smooth out towards the corners.

So far I'm lovin' Tarte for their cosmetics because their products were formulated without parabens, without mineral oil, without phthalates, without sodium lauryl sulfates and without gluten.

These items are purchased from Tarte Cosmetics website at

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