Maru: An awesome chillout place for drinks, food and a sweet date

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Maru: An awesome chillout place for drinks, food and a sweet date

I'm back at Maru again, this time with as an invited guest! For my previous post as a paying customer (when they just opened doors), please click here to view.

Mainly, I still really enjoyed dining at this place, even with their new and improved menu! So scroll down to find out more.

 Lovin' the bar design.

While waiting for 2 more friends to join us, we ordered the sweet potato fries first, one of the most popular finger foods on the menu. It comes with a garlic dip and both goes so well together. We totally polished this off within 10 minutes because it was really delicious!

We also tried other sides like Truffle Chanwamushi (Small $8, Large $14), which truffle lovers might find interesting. The way it's served is pretty unique too, in an eggshell! That's truly some skill right there.

Previously when I visited Maru, I already said I liked the unique cocktails here and this round, new cocktails were available! The bartender, Denise, is really awesome. The drinks she creates are so delicious, so ladylike and pretty much befitting the title of a liquid dessert. It's so delicious you finish one without even realising it. Their cocktails are a must-try.

Cocktails range from $12 to $20 each, whereas the mocktail we had costed $10.

We had the Cuke (a clean, refreshing with gin and sake mix), La Paloma (tangy, refreshing with a hint of spice), the Purple Royale (lavender infused pina colada), the Reishi (lychee martini with infused green tea) and the Momo Mocktail (Peach, orange, lemon with a splash of Soda).

A shoutout on this cocktail, the Purple Royale! It was so delicious we ordered 4 of these babies. A definite must-try!

They are currently having a promotion for this whisky too, the Glenrothes ($140 per bottle). We tried a glass, had it on the rocks. Pretty smooth, we must say.

Kale Salad ($15) for the ladies on diet!

Another dish we favoured was the White Tuna Tataki (Small- $22, Large- $32). This is also a must try, as they did the fish so well that there was no fishy smell, which is usual for some white tuna dishes if the chef doesn't know how to prepare the fish well. So the marinate for this was done nicely, and the amalgamation of all the sauce on the plate with the jelly bits and pomegranate really made this dish stand out for us.

Ahhh. Another table favourite: Steamed Spicy Asari ($15 for small, $24 for large). Same thing, we finished it in no time, cos it was really so so good.

This clam soup was sweet, savory and spicy at the same time, which leaves one to wonder how does a dish do that! The spicy soup was really appetising and we whacked the soup by itself after finishing the toast they served on the side.

And oh mama, hello! Here's the Truffle Beef Cube Don ($25), which features melt-in-the-mouth beef cubes. So so good.

We also tried some awesome dishes like the Bonito Unagi Rice ($20), Duck Breast ($27) and the Mentaiko Cod Fish (Lunch only, $22). It was so good that even as we were so full, we still managed to polish off the plates. These are worth it to order!

Valentines' day is coming up soon!

And with this comes a specially designed Valentine Menu ($68++ per couple).

Here are the details:
Appetizers - Camembert Fries with Blueberry Dip, Crispy Avocado Ravioli, Tuna California Maki, Aburi Salmon Mentai, Tatami Iwashi Salad

Main - Grilled Sea Bass, Scallop & Carabinero Prawn Glazed in Yuzu Miso Or Foie Gras & Striploin Steak, Red Wine Butter, Trio Capsicum Marinated in Balsamic & Potato Wedges

Dessert - Chocolate Mousse Cake Topped with Macadamia Ice Cream

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Maru Dine & Bar
Location: 12 Gopeng Street #01-05 Icon Village Singapore 078877
Opening Hours: 11:30am - 11:00pm (Mon-Fridays), 04:00pm - 11:00pm (Saturdays), Closed on Sundays
Reservations: +65 63271123

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee: Flavourful Prawn Mee Soup in Kallang

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee: Flavourful Prawn Mee Soup in Kallang

I brought my dad to Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee 惹蘭蘇丹蝦麺 at Kallang on his birthday, because it was one of his favourite dishes. I heard how the soup version of the prawn noodle here was good, and so here we came to try it. 

The eatery is conveniently located within walking distance of Kallang MRT Station. There are a couple of parking spaces available in front of the eatery but it was all taken up when we visited. We took a grab there since I didn't want my dad to drive on his birthday (haha). 

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee is a no frills eatery, with no air-conditioning available. I kept looking at the menu board the moment I sat down (free seating, obviously). I was a little blur, forgot to take note of my table number, but when I went to the cashier, she roughly knew where I was sitting.

3 types of noodles are available for selection. I didn't like the traditional yellow mee that went with the typical prawn mee so I chose kway teow instead, while my dad kept to his favourite yellow mee. Every table also has a set of condiments you can add into your bowl as well - soya sauce, red chopped chilli padi, pepper, etc. 

The menu is straightforward with a few choices - all prawn mee (other than the pig's tail pork ribs soup). But you get to choose if you want to soup or dry versions. Both of us chose the soup version. And since we came all the way here, I decided to get him the King Prawn Mee because, you know, he's king for the day.

There is also a stall selling Ngoh Hiang (fried fritters). A must-eat as well at this place.

I ordered the King Prawn Pork Ribs Prawn Mee, and my dad ordered the King Prawn Mee. Each costed $10.

The pork ribs in my bowl were tender, but small. The broth was not exactly rich, but was flavourful, the essence of prawn seeping out with every taste of the soup. A tad oily too, because of some pork lard added in the bowl, enhancing the overall flavour of the dish.

Another reason why I like the king prawns here is because it's filled with prawn roe (see the orange strip on the side of the prawn in the photo)! Also, they removed the unsightly black prawn waste, so it's good for people who can't stand seeing that on their prawns. For me, I'll eat it with, or without. Lol.

A special shoutout here to the Ngoh Hiang stall as well, which we enjoyed having with our prawn mee. The dish is served with 2 dipping sauces, one pink sauce and one chilli sauce. The pink sauce is a light, sweet sauce. My dad says, rarely people still serve this sauce anymore. But he noted that the colour of the sauce here is a bit lighter than what they used to serve in the past. Not sure if there's any change to it, but I enjoyed the chilli dipping sauce more.

Blocked out my dad's face, because he will probably scold me if I put up his photo on the blog. No family photos on the blog, that's the rule. Lol.

Overall, with good company, both of us enjoyed the meal. But I do feel that it is still considered to be on the expensive side, because we ordered the king prawns. Those who wants to save some money can order the regular prawn mee version, which goes for $6 a bowl.

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee 惹蘭蘇丹蝦麺 
No 2 Jalan Ayer (Off Geylang Lor 1) Singapore 389141
Tel: +65 67482488
Opening Hours: 8 am to 3.30 pm (closed on Tuesdays)