Bioderma's New Sensibio Products: Holy Grail for Sensitive Skin

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Bioderma's New Sensibio Products: Holy Grail for Sensitive Skin

Remove. Cleanse. Maintain. 

That's basically as easy as it gets when it comes to skincare. When you think about Bioderma, what's the first thing that comes up to mind? 

Yes, Micellar Solutions. Some of you might find this term very familiar. Micellar typically involved micelles, which are a type of electrically charged particle. The technology itself simply means a combination of cleansing agent with water and its interaction with oils to clean any surface. Yes, including your skin. While its not unique to Bioderma, but as much as we know it, it's Bioderma's main technology in all their products. 

When you hear micellar waters, you'll think of Bioderma. They were practically the ones who made it popular. Using the Micelle Technology, they've launched the world's first non-rinse cleansing solution - widely loved by many. 

Removing your makeup: Sensibio H2O Make-up Remover
[$15.90 (100ml), $28.90 (250ml), $41.90 (500ml)]

It's fragrance-free and perfect for sensitive skin. Their star product is their make-up remover and today, one bottle of Sensibio H2O is sold worldwide every three seconds – a testament to the power of a cult hit that remains the cleanser of choice. 

Why I like it: 
1. It's extremely gentle to the skin.
2. It's paraben-free, soap-free, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic.
3. It works to remove most types of makeup
4. Skin feels comfortable after use.
My only gripe is how it struggles to remove waterproof mascara, but then again, those things are extremely nasty and they cling onto your eyelash like a crazy ex-boyfriend with emotional issues. 

In addition to their Sensibio range, they've also recently launched 2 new products to widen their selection range, providing a complete set targeted at ladies and gentlemen of oily and sensitive skin types.  

They are the Sensibio Gel Moussant (200ml) and the Sensibio Dermatological water (150ml). 

Cleanse your skin - Sensibio Gel Moussant
[$33.90 for 200ml]
Their definition: The Sensibio Gel Moussant is a gentle foaming gel with lipid-restoring properties that hydrates and calms sensitive skin. 

One of its benefits is how it also claims to increase the skin's hydration by 77%. I can't verify that one, but after use, my skin indeed doesn't feel uncomfortable or tight. In fact, it feels clean without feeling dry. I have to say I do like it.  

Again, it's soap-free, fragrance-free and free of parabens, which makes it very safe for acne prone skin.

I use this everyday in the morning and in the evening (after using the makeup remover). It's easy, just work it into a foam on your wet skin and rinse thoroughly. Never wipe your face dry, always pat it gently with a dry towel. 

Ta-dah, you're done. :)

For a deeper cleanse, you can also follow this up with the Sensibio H20 micellar water and if you've the others in that product range, you can also apply the Sensibio Light or Rich soothing creams to further moisturise your skin.

Maintain your skin - Sensibio Dermatological water
[$19.90 for 150ml]
With a balance of mineral salts and oligo-elements, this product is an ideal ally for sensitive skin to combat various reactive signs. It raises the skin's tolerance threshold and improves resiliency to external stress to the skin. 

In simple terms, it helps sooth and ease discomfort on the skin. It's good for people who are often down with redness on their skin, as well as those who often has heating sensations and itching on their face. 

Most importantly, for those with makeup on their face, you can simply spray it without having to dab it into your skin for absorption. 

This mist is great for maintaining your skin's moisture level and refreshes it, so you can spray this as often as needed. Usually I just spray it on the face after makeup, just after lunch and whenever my skin feels tired.

Bonus point: It can also be used on your body! Nice. 

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The products in this post were kindly supplied by Sample Store and BioDerma.

Bring Alfero Gelato home for CNY and still keep your waistline in check!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bring Alfero Gelato home for CNY and still keep your waistline in check!
I've talked about Alfero Gelato before in 2015, when I was first introduced to this yummy 96% fat-free gelato! You can read all about my first experience here.

For those of you who just want a quick summary, Alfero Gelato is made using only the finest quality ingredients imported from Italy and other parts of Europe. Their ice cream is stored in pozzetto cabinets where exposure to light and air is greatly reduced, thus ensuring the smoothness and quality of the ice cream.

I brought my friends to enjoy the creamy mix at the Macpherson branch for a mid-week perk-me-up session.

The gelato is rich, dense, creamy and smooth, all at the same time! (Say whuttt~)

We tried and loved their Pistachio (super must-try!), Bacio (with hazelnuts, must-try also!), Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Roasted Tea, Durian and new flavour Creme Fraiche. My friends loved the Bacio flavour while my heart lies with the Pistachio. I also found the Roasted Tea flavour interesting, but my friends didn't like that one.

Oh and if you do go down to their retail branch, you must get the waffles, they are awesome with gelato! Waffles with 2 scoops of ice-cream costs about $9.50, and you can share them with friends!

Where best friends come together.

The photos are totally candid and totally looking bad but who cares, we're having fun!

This Chinese New Year, you can also enjoy a lovely gelato at the comfort of your home with your loved ones!

Don't worry about packing on the kilos like Bak kwa or pineapple tarts do, because this dessert from Alfero allows you to indulge guilt-free and keeps your waistline pretty safe!
  • $15 for 400gm
  • $18 for 500gm
  • $35 for 1KG 

These prices are extremely worth it, because it'll be gone just about in no time!

Here's wishing all of you a very happy (safer waistline) Chinese New Year 2017!

Alfero Gelato 
Location: 81 MacPherson Lane #01-37
Tel: +65 6848 4269
Operating Hours: Tues to Sun 12:00 to 21:00 (Closed on Mon)

Pek Kio's Famous Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles 华记大虾面, now in Esplanade

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Pek Kio's Famous Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles 华记大虾面, now in Esplanade

I was invited to Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles' media tasting some time last month,

Following the success and widely acclaimed fame of its prawn noodles at the Pek Kio stall since its inception in year 1951, Wah Kee 华记大虾面 has recently launched its first-ever restaurant at Esplanade! Housing 60 seats, customers can look forward to a first-rate dining experience through and through.

Amongst the multitude of loyal fans who queue to savour the dish include famous Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-Fatt and local celebrities. High-profile politicians have given their patronage as well.
Lovely ambiance soaked in the aroma of Prawn noodles.

What's different?

  1. There is air-con (for all us pampered Singaporeans) - yoohoo!
  2. The prices of the prawn noodles will remain affordable with a slight increase of $1 for its signature noodles
  3. Enjoy wine and a new menu with a wide range of fresh seafood, prepared grilled or steamed and served with special dipping sauces
  4. Introduction of technology (orders will be placed via iPads, which may heighten efficiency)
  5. Attentive service by trained wait staff on standby

Wooden chopstick and wet tissues
Wah Kee's winning formula is its extremely piquant soup, which takes four hours to prepare. The gigantic prawns and al dente noodles also earn thumbs-up from its patrons. The mee kia is specially made for Wah Kee and all sauces are made in-house daily, using Wah Kee’s 65-year recipe.

We got to try the following dishes:
Big Prawn Noodle Soup (S$20) - soup versions and their dry versions. My heart goes out to the soup version, the soup is really perfect and lovely, featuring three gigantic and fresh prawns on a bed of al dente noodle.

Fresh French Oysters and Fresh US Oysters (S$48 per dozen): 
This is really fresh and lovely, the oysters are succulent and plump. You can further indulge in the enjoyment of the oysters by pairing it with a comprehensive range of wine.

Other new dishes that will be available exclusively at this restaurant include fresh Boston lobster, fresh oysters, French rojak salad, Wah Kee’s Style Seafood Oyster Omelette and more. Tuck into a wide range of seafood such as squids, half-shell scallops, flower crabs and more, all of which can be prepared grilled or steamed.

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Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles 华记大虾面 (Esplanade)
Location: 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall, #01-13C Singapore 039802
Tel: 63279187
Opening Hours: 
  • Daily: 11:00am to 2:30pm (Last order at 2pm)
  • Sunday to Thursday: 5pm to 10.30pm (Last order at 10pm) 
  • Friday, Satuday and Eve of PH: 5:00pm to 11:30pm (Last order at 11pm) 

This was an invited session by Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles.

Montreux Jazz Cafe - Jazzin' up your Wednesday hump days!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Montreux Jazz Cafe - Jazzin' up your Wednesday hump days!
Photos by Montreux Jazz Cafe

Montreux Jazz Café Singapore is launching a weekly MOVEONUP Ladies' night from 18 January 2017 (tomorrow).

The new fixture on Wednesday nights offers a complimentary round of five Martinis for each lady, pampers every group of four ladies with a bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, and complimentary nibbles.
Photos by Montreux Jazz Cafe

During the official launch of MOVEONUP tomorrow, Fungkimunkees, the 12-piece funk, soul, and latin ensemble, will inaugurate the launch with its funky grooves while DJ Titus, Singapore’s very own pioneer of Urban and Hip Hop music will take center stage from 10pm till late.
Photos by Montreux Jazz Cafe

Set in an intimate space within the Pan Pacific Orchard and supported by a lovely menu inspired by Founder Claude Nobs’ background in the art of good food, diners and dancers can expect to enjoy themselves through the wee hours of the night.
Photos by Montreux Jazz Cafe

Photos by Montreux Jazz Cafe
Only available on Wednesdays at Montreux Jazz Cafe Singapore.

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MOVEONUP by Montreux Jazz Cafe
Dates : Every Wednesday
Timings: 8 to 10pm - Live band music, 10pm to late – DJ Titus
Dress code : Dressy Casual
Address : Pan Pacific Orchard, 10 Claymore Road Singapore 229540
Reservations: +65 6733 0091


One Piece Restaurant opens in Taipei!

One Piece Restaurant opens in Taipei!
Ahoy Mugiwara Fans! In late November 2016, One Piece officially opened a resturant in Taipei, calling out to the One Piece crazed Taiwan to rush to its latest themed restaurant. 

Being One Piece fans, we obviously joined the craze and proceeded to the restaurant expecting long queues. We were shocked to see that there was no one queuing for it, alas we were wrong. I mean, who were we kidding? It was One Piece!

There was no queue because of their extremely organised way of accepting guests. They would assign seats to patrons, as well as take down your name and phone number, and number of guests before telling you to return at your reserved timeslot.

There were a couple of timeslots that you could 'register' for. Here are the timeslots (see below image), first one being 11am to 1pm, 1pm to 3pm, so on and so forth. 

Note that for the 3.30pm to 5.30pm slot, they only sell drinks, fried finger foods and desserts as it was labeled a 'high-tea' period. Main dishes are not available for ordering. 

Each time slot is 2hours, which is a systematic way of ensuring that others have a chance of visiting the restaurant too. 

Those visiting the restaurant would be satisfied by the displays and the One Piece Taipei restaurant related merchandise. The restaurant has an entire photozone dedicated for One PIece fans, so if you do visit, it'll be worthwhile. They squeezed a mini Thousand Sunny ship into that small space!

Check out my One Piece Taipei Restaurant Stamp!

The food looks extremely well designed, as are the decor, filled with one piece imprinted tabletops.

While waiting for our food to arrive after placing the orders with the wait staff, we took a tour around the merchandise section. Too much to show, so I'm only showing a few things here!

Because it was high-tea period, we could only order the high tea items, and we did so crazily cos we wanted to try EVERYTHING - our meal costed almost $90 (NT$1716) for the 3 of us! (Say whutttt~) 

I wonder how much we would spend if we were to come during normal meal times - I think we could easily exceed $150. 

To be honest, I was quite disappointed with one of the latte art, because it was slightly marred by the shaky foam (it was the Sanji one!). The latte art designs cannot be chosen, like, I wanted Luffy and they said 'when it comes it might not be Luffy. You cannot choose'. Anyway, we also could not finish the latte because it was too milky for our liking.

We tried the Zoro matcha cake, Devil Fruit Matcha Smoothie, Brook Nuts Chocolate & Cotton Candy Waffle and also 2 fried food items cos we were craving for a savoury taste. 

Zoro Matcha Cake

Brook Nuts Chocolate & Cotton Candy Waffle (left) and Devil Fruit Matcha Smoothie (right)

I'm sorry, I know I didn't publish the prices for the individual items. The price is steep (for Taiwan standards) and all I can say is, be prepared to spend an average of $10 to $15 (TWD$300) if you order like us. 

And I'm not going to lie, the presentation looked good, but the taste was extremely so-so. Perhaps you could walk away feeling happier cos the main dishes did look much yummier on the menu. 

But as usual, themed cafe/restaurant food won't surprise you so don't come here with any high expectations, but just know that it'll probably satisfy your fan cravings. 

When you pay up at the counter, don't forget to stamp your notebook with the One Piece stamp, only available at the Taipei Restaurant!

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One Piece Restaurant Taipei 台灣航海王餐廳
Location (English): No. 8, Lane 169, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District Taipei City, Taiwan 106 (Level 2)
Location (Chinese): 敦化南路一段16982 Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 2752 0559
Hours: 11am to 10pm