Goodbye jankliciouz, it is a new beginning!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Dear readers, 

For all these time, I have been told that my blog address and instagram handle have been extremely difficult to pronounce, read, spell, remember or even, perhaps, fathom.

Hence, to make it easier, I have officially changed it. Updated it, to a plain ol' good name of mine. 

Things should get easier now. 

As you now know, my blog address has been updated to, the on you're currently on. If you key in my old blog address, which is, you would also be redirected to the new website. Hence, updating your bookmark is not exactly necessary, while I still prefer you do so. :)

You may also like to know that my new instagram handle and twitter username has been updated to @janelkuuu

The facebook address is now

Please do continue to support this blog. 

Lots of love, 
jankliciouz, done and out.

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