Kaya Pandan cake and Peanuts Vanilla Cake: Traditional bakery treats at Uncle Lee Confectionery

Kaya Pandan cake and Peanuts Vanilla Cake: Traditional bakery treats at Uncle Lee Confectionery

Picture this: fluffy cakes that melt in your mouth, each bite bursting with authentic flavors (古早味) that transport you to your childhood. Uncle Lee's creations are no ordinary cakes – they're soft, moist and infused with the essence of Singaporean heritage.

Uncle Lee Confectionery (李叔叔面包西菓店) is a bakery located along Jalan Pisang. With over 35 years of experience, the lead baker Mr. Lee Wu Song (a.k.a Uncle Lee) has perfected the art of baking, drawing inspiration from his tenure as the head baker of the now-defunct Hock Ann Confectionery. 

Today, at 71 years old, Uncle Lee continues to bake with unwavering passion, with the assistance of his two sons, ensuring that every creation is crafted with love and care.

Uncle Lee (left) and his two sons (Credits: @UncleLeeConfectionery)

One of the bakery's signature offerings is their signature Kaya Pandan Cake (咖椰蛋糕), a delightful marrying of fragrant pandan sponge and rich kaya jam. Made from real pandan leaves and prepared according to a traditional recipe passed down through generations, the cake is a lovely blend of flavors with just the right amount of sweetness and moisture.

Kaya Pandan Cake (咖椰蛋糕)

Peanuts Vanilla Cake (花生奶油蛋糕)

Another must-try is the Peanuts Vanilla Cake (花生奶油蛋糕). It features a fluffy vanilla sponge topped with crunchy crushed peanuts, and offers the perfect balance of sweetness and nuttiness that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

While not halal certified, the bakery does not use pork, lard or gelatin in its bakes. Customers can also enjoy the convenience of online ordering through their website, with complimentary delivery for orders above $80.

In addition to cakes, Uncle Lee Confectionery offers an array of delectable treats, including kopi (coffee 咖啡饼) cookies and butter cookies (牛油饼), which are buttery and melt in the mouth. The kopi cookies also boasts an intense coffee flavor for coffee lovers. Pair it with a warm cuppa, and it'll be the perfect afternoon snack!

Butter cookies (牛油饼) and Kopi cookies (咖啡饼) 
The bakery also offers classic butter cakes, marble cakes and banana cakes, starting from just $13 for a 6-inch cake. 8-inch cake sizes are also available for a bigger party crowd. 

Oh yes, have I already mentioned they also offer the MSW Durian Pandan Layered cake? This cake is most expensive out of all their bakes, at $31 for 6-inch cake, which seems to be the only size they offer at the moment.

Also, I have to confess something though, on the same day I had my cakes delivered, I already devoured half of it with my parents, who really enjoyed it as it's really light, fragrant and easy to consume. The next flavor I will aim to try is their marble cake, as it's one of my favorites!

While I guess it'll be polished off pretty soon, here are some storage instructions for those who might need it. 

Storage instructions

Pandan Kaya Cake: 3 days average, refrigerate upon delivery. 
All other cakes: 3 days average, refrigeration optional. 
Custard Puffs: 2 days average, refrigerate upon delivery.

Note: Day of collection or delivery to be counted as day 1 of storage. 

Uncle Lee Confectionery (李叔叔面包西菓店)

Website: uncleleeconfectionery.cococart.co
Address: 4 Jalang Pisang, Singapore 199071
Store operating hours: 10 am to 5 pm, closed on Wednesdays and Sundays (delivery on Sunday still available)
Tel: 9386 0412

Ta-ta! Till next time. Stay Ku, y'all!

xoxo, Janel

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