Review: Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick is here to stay! Literally!

Review: Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick is here to stay! Literally!

Launched earlier in January this year, Urban Decay's Vice Liquid Lipstick only arrived in Singapore about 1-2 weeks back and it is going in my travel pouch for sure!

Waterproof and less creamy, it provides a rich colour and is extremely long-lasting and comfortable to wear on your lips.

Uh-oh, did I just do the review already? Well, read on.

Going for $30 per liquid lipstick (5.3 ml / 0.17 fl oz), they have 2 finishes which span across a total of 30 shades: metallized and comfort matte.

The metallized section lipsticks are more glitzy and glamorous, a very Kim Kardashian sort-of look and feel after you use it as it really amps up the lip plumping factor with its high shimmer and glitter factor.

The comfort matte however, is more down-to-earth, girl-next-door and a little more natural and suitable for daily use. Not all are full-on matte per se, as some of the comfort matte contain a little glitter in them, which provides shine but yet without the eeky creamy, staining lip gloss feel. I did feel they were extremely pretty and for long lasting wear, I went for the comfort matte - Amulet shade.

Some notable colours from their metallized lippies are Conspiracy, Studded, Time and Big Bang, which I thought were really pretty.

From the comfort matte versions, I found shades like Amulet, Trivial, 1993, Backtalk and WSM really natural and lovely.

Their creamier Vice lipstick (the normal lipstick looking version) is already highly pigmented - what more this new one which you can apply as were a lip gloss, but without the unwanted stickiness?

The Vice Liquid Lipstick comes in a clear tube, looks totally like a lip gloss so you can see the actual shade in it. The applicator is easy to use and picks up alot of colour in the tube, so each time I use it I have to wipe it off a little to ensure I don't over apply.

Without application of a lip primer, my lipstick still looks pretty and didn't crease up or seem overly dry. This coverage lasted me almost 6 hours, with no lipstick stains on cups even as I drank water during this period of time.

Only until evening after dinner, after I've made a whole mess eating and drinking wine, did the lipstick kind of fade away and I made my 2nd touch up after that.

With the application of a lip primer, I felt that my lips appeared more moisturised and with less fine lines, so it's still advisable for you to apply a light coat of lip primer, no doubt.

Overall, I find this lipstick highly durable and lasting, and it was not a purchase I would regret any time soon!
Pro Tips provided by Urban Decay:
Vice Liquid Lipstick gives you endless color in three steps. First, line lips with the precise applicator; then apply one coat to fill. Do not press lips together. If desired opacity is achieved, let dry. A little goes a long way, but for more coverage, apply a second coat. Let dry completely and you’re good to go.

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You can purchase this awesome lippie at Sephora Singapore or at any Urban Decay Singapore stores

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