The Music Run Launch Party 2016: Get into the party!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

The highly anticipated Music Run is back for its 2016 run, with more heart-thumping tracks that will accompany you through your fun run! But first, time for the launch party!

Sometime last week, I attended the Music Run 2016 by AIA's launch party at Sentosa's Woo Bar, in W Hotel! The hotel and bar was such a stunner.
Credits: The Music Run Facebook

Various colourful cocktail drinks in the house by Woobar!
Credits: The Music Run Facebook
Group photos first!

We also had the honor of meeting Ben and Joanna, who shared with us more on the Music Run.
Ben Pember, Executive Director of Exceed Sports & Entertainment
Credits: The Music Run Facebook
The event will be held in the lovely Sentosa, where over 120 concert quality speakers pumping out over 150,000 watts of music will line the running course, known as ‘The Sound Track’, across five interactive and music themed zones – Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop and Dance.

Since the event began in 2014, this phenomenal music and fitness wave has been winning fans the world over, from Los Angeles to Bangkok, Hamburg to Singapore. From four events in four countries with 35,000 runners in 2014, the event will go to 40 cities in 18 countries this year and experienced by over 350,000 participants!
Joanna Ash, Head of Brand and Corporate Communications, AIA Singapore
Credits: The Music Run Facebook
That night, we also had Tabitha and Sonia, resident DJs from 987FM to host the party as well as test guests on their knowledge for the event and win prizes!

Our hosts for the evening, Tabitha Nauser and Sonia Nicola Chew - Official from 987FM
Credits: The Music Run Facebook
The Music run is all about having fun with your friends, while immersing music and getting healthy at the same time! We'll be there on 23 April for the run, and if you'd like to join us for this exciting event, click here to sign up now!

Here are some photos taken during last year's event!
Photo Credits: The Music Run™ Singapore
Photo Credits: The Music Run™ Singapore
Credits: The Music Run Facebook

Well, we'll see you there! :)

The Music Run by AIA's Official Event Website:

The Music Run Facebook:

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