Boss Ma Vie by Hugo Boss

Thursday, 16 October 2014

I love Hugo Boss' fragrances. Although not their best selling item, I love their Boss in Motion for men. It's one of my favourite scents on guys and I think that guys who can carry off this scent are really hot~!
Alright, enough gushing and let's go straight into the heart of today's review: Boss Ma Vie, Eau De Parfum
Boss Ma Vie

Here's Hugo Boss' description for the fragrance:
"BOSS MA VIE pour Femme was inspired by the independent spirit of a woman as she pauses to indulge in the simple moments in life; in this moment, she is at her most captivating, exuding a glow of femininity and confidence. Fresh, indulgent and fulfilling, this perfume created around the cactus flower invites you to take time to savour your life." - Credits: Hugo Boss Website, Boss Ma Vie Page
Does Gwyneth look like she can represent this smashin' scent? 

YES SHE DOES! Totally.

Personally, this is one of my favourite scents in recent years. I know I will most likely stick to it and have one always in my parfum cabinet. 
Ma vie
TOP NOTE: Cactus Blossom
HEART NOTE: Pink Floral Bouquet with Rose Bud
BASE NOTE: Cedarwood
There is something about this perfume which makes me go ga-ga over it. Its scent is not highly 'addictive', but professionally sexy. There's something gorgeous about the subtlety of its scent that creeps up to you and overtakes your senses. 
The perfume strikes a lovely balance between a feminine and masculine scent, and is a winning perfume for ladies who doesn't want to smell too sweet, yet not all cologne either, all thanks to the pink floral note and cedarwood, which helped in making it such a well-balanced smell. 
Its scent is that of confidence, independence, and you really can feel that when wearing this aromatic accessory. 
For ladies who want to go full-on Boss, they also have 3 other Boss Ma Vie products to help ensure the scent sticks onto you like a boss: Shower Gel, Deodorant Spray and the Body Lotion. 
So far, I've only gotten the Eau De Parfum but I'm really contemplating going full-on Boss. 
Review Signs Plus
- Lovely scent which gives you confidence. 
Review Signs Minus
Up till 75ml only?! They should have a 100ml bottle. Or maybe a 300ml one. haha. :)
- But honestly? Slightly on the pricey side.
This perfume sells at SGD$121 for 75ml. 
Rating: 4.2 / 5