Bringing the garden to you: Flower Chimp's Cake Explosion Gift Box

Bringing the garden to you: Flower Chimp's Cake Explosion Gift Box

Looking for a birthday cake that goes beyond the ordinary and doesn't break the bank?

Well, say hello to Flower Chimp's beautiful butterfly cake explosion gift box!

Packed with delight and surprise, this unique offering is sure to make every celebration memorable.

Tailor-made for your loved ones, the Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box (SGD$54.90) allows you to curate a one-of-a-kind experience. From selecting the base cake to choosing add-ons like extra butterflies or personalized pictures, the folks at Flower Chimp takes care to ensure the recipient is truly surprised!

Go for a visual experience with the rainbow cake base or opt for the rich indulgence of chocolate Fudge or ferrero. Whichever flavor you choose, you can be sure that your recipient will enjoy the moment of surprise that awaits them as they open the box - I know I sure did!

For me, I chose the rainbow cake base, which is topped with colourful sprinkles! The size of the cake is around 4 inches and weighs 300 grams. While I could have eaten it all by myself, I think it is a nice size for 2 persons to share.
Strawberry spread layered in between the colourful chiffon

With this cake box, you can also choose to add-on various things like extra butterflies or sweet treats that cater to every craving.

Storage notes

For those who can't finish their cake, you can keep it in the fridge for up to 2 days, but of course, it is best to enjoy it when it is still fresh!

Key questions I had

Are the butterflies real? Also, when I open the box, will they fly and get stuck somewhere in my ceiling?

Yes... I asked them these questions so you don't have to! (You're welcome)

No, the butterflies are not real so don't be afraid. 

And they do not fly up very high, they fly just moderately high, so don't have to be worried but of course, don't set it off near a running fan if you are kiasu like me! haha.

Same Day Delivery

Psst, did you also know that the Flower Chimp also offers same-day delivery in Singapore for those urgent gifting needs? Well, now you do!

And yes, this includes flowers and various gifting options. If you're not very well versed in flowers (like me), they also have a page here to educate us on its characteristics and traits. 

For more info, visit https://www.flowerchimp.sg/.

xoxo, Janel

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