Ri Hong Ma La Xiang Guo 日日红麻辣香锅: Now at Lau Pa Sat!

Ri Hong Ma La Xiang Guo 日日红麻辣香锅: Now at Lau Pa Sat!

For those searching for good mala around Singapore’s CBD area - look no further than Ri Ri Hong Ma La Xiang Guo (日日红麻辣香), the spicy sensation that has arrived at Lau Pa Sat!

Crowds at Ri Ri Hong’s main stall at Chinatown People’s Park Complex is testament to its popularity, and for good reason. These folks behind Ri Ri Hong know how to craft the perfect bowl of ma la xiang guo, and they've got the formula just right.

During our recent visit at their newest branch in Lau Pa Sat, we recently indulged two bowls of their mala, one filled with a good assortment of only vegetables and the other featuring a delightful mix of meats and other goodies.

The vegetable-packed bowl set us back approximately $24 (as we picked some heavy vegetables), while the other bowl (featuring a mix of meat and vegetables among other items like cheese tofu, sweet potato noodles and fried beancurd skin) was pretty affordable at approx. $18.

Well, it satisfied all 3 of us, even without having rice with our order.

However, for my spice-loving companions, the mid-spicy (中辣) option lacked the kick they craved, though still delicious. As someone who usually takes a weaker version (小辣), the mid-spicy (中辣) version was pretty manageable so I couldn't help but wonder if I should have gone for the extra spicy for an even more exciting experience.

The lesson here? Don't be afraid to turn up the heat!

I will definitely be back to challenge the extra spicy (大辣) level. But flavour wise, well, Ri Ri Hong Ma La Xiang Guo did not disappoint and left me craving for seconds.

And what better way to balance the fiery feast than with PlayMade bubble milk tea? Just a stone's throw away at Lau Pa Sat, their milk tea provides the ideal sweet counterbalance to Ri Ri Hong's spicy creations. I usually go for their Singapore milk tea as it boosts a thicker tea taste than their Taiwan milk tea version.

From the heat of the wok to the refreshing sweetness of bubble tea, it’s easy to now enjoy a quick and easy gastronomic adventure to spice up your work day.

How to Get There

Ri Ri Hong Ma La Xiang Guo Location: Lau Pa Sat, 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582 (Around Lau Pa Sat, Lane 5)

Playmade Bubble Tea Location: 8A Marina Blvd, #B2-43 Marina Bay Link Mall, 018984

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