My easy lunch: Granarolo Burrata

My easy lunch: Granarolo Burrata

I woke up one day craving for burrata cheese, and thankfully I previously got a couple of burrata cheese from Redmart when shopping for my groceries, but I'm sure but I'm sure you can find this in the other major Singapore supermarkets as well. 

Usually the fresh ones are more expensive (and boasts a shorter shelf life) than their frozen counterparts. If I get fresh ones, I usually eat them within a day, or two - max. 

I'm trying this one today, Granarolo Burrata ($8.80 from Redmart), and so far it looks fresh and moist. However, I didn't even bother reading the ingredients list on the product itself - it's almost impossible and I didn't manage to even find its caloric value. 

But we're eating fat cheese, so who are we kidding?

One small individual Burrata is usually around 125 grams and usually contains 375 calories - if you do the math, this checks out. 

Burrata is a soft cheese made of three different products. Its outside is Mozzarella. Its inside is cream and Stracciatella, a soft cheese. The creamy inside is what makes Burrata different from Mozzarella. Simply stir the inner and outer and enjoy. Some will put olive oil and black pepper on theirs, but I eat mine plain with cherry tomatoes. Fresh and fresh - there is nothing better. 

Burrata is a kind of 'buttery' cheese, which as an outside mozzarella shell, while the inside contains a soft mixture of mozzarella bits and fresh cream that gives to it somewhat creamy, pulpy texture. As I mentioned Burrata is a cheese that's higher in fat content than normal mozzarella, so I chose to eat it as a full meal. 

Just make sure you never eat burrata with a spoon, it's just courtesy and culture. So, armed with a fork and knife, I poke a cut on the top of the white, fluffy, burrata and as I dived my knife into its core interior, I sliced the burrata and voila, a buttery, creamy interior showcased itself. 

For this burrata cheese, I went online to check its ingredients and details, just in case you'll like to try it for yourself too. (No problem, you're welcome!)

Ingredients: Stracciatella 73% (pasteurized milk, UHT cream 45%, acidity regulator: lactic acid, salt, rennet, preservative: potassium sorbate), pasteurized milk, acidity regulator: lactic acid, salt, rennet.

Weight: 125g

Average nutritional values per 100g

Energy: 1058 kJ / 256 kcal

Fat: 24 g (of which saturates 15 g)

Carbohydrate: 2.0 g (of which sugars 2.0 g)

Protein: 8 g

Salt: 0.54 g



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