Conversations with: Michelin-star Restaurant French Chef Felicien Cueff

Conversations with: Michelin-star Restaurant French Chef Felicien Cueff

Today we speak with an established chef who boasts more than 35 years of experience in 3 Michelin-star restaurants in Europe and the United States. 

Chef Felicien Cueff holds an impressive resume of helming various restaurants and he has also cooked for many bigwigs and Hollywood celebrities in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and France, such as the 6th President of Singapore S.R.Nathan, Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong and Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei King, Harrison Ford, Maria Carey, Magic Johnson, and even the man who walked on the moon, Neil Armstrong and many more. 

Chef Felicien Cueff (right)

Now a full-time chef available for private hire, the humble chef quips how his favourite cuisine to cook is just any good cuisine and notes that he has read many cookbooks, now holding a collection of about 200 cookbooks at home. He also eats out and constantly discusses and shares culinary ideas with chefs in order to keep his inspirations fresh and exciting. 

Recently, he also partnered the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and the FICT (French Charcuterie and Catering Companies) to bring the European Delicatessen Experience at the recent 4-day Singapore expo event held last month from 5th to 8th September 2022. With more than 2,000 exhibitors and 35,000 international visitors attending the event, this is the world's largest HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Café) supplier showcase for the growing Asian food and hotel industry. 

More than just a simple food item, charcuterie products are now widespread throughout the world and well established in European culture. A food preparation based on raw, cooked meat and/or offal, it is the expression of a centenary way of life which advocates pleasure, sharing and conviviality. The most used meat for making charcuterie is pork, for which salt is the main preservative. 

There are more than 450 different types of charcuterie products in Europe, how would you generally suggest to best to enjoy them? 

Chef FC: France is one of the best places to find charcuterie. Cooking with this wonderful product makes my work easier. The best way to enjoy charcuterie is to have it with good bread, good butter, good wines, and good company. Bon Appetit! 

Tell us more about how it differs to working overseas than in Singapore? 

Chef FC: The differences for France, California and Singapore are huge. The culture, the people, the weather, the food, the knowledge, the mindset. While there is no way to compare, I usually take it from the approach of trying to adapt myself to my environments and be accepting, open-minded of the various cultures, people, and more.

What is your overall cooking philosophy?

Chef FC: Be humble, cook from your heart, and never stop learning.  

What are your top 3 favorite kitchen tools that you can never live without?

Chef FC: Spoon, Thermomix and knifes.

One advice you would give to aspiring young chefs.

Chef FC: Be patient! Cooking is a lifetime experience. 

Want to taste his dishes for yourself? Chef Felicien Cueff can be contacted via his social media channels - Linkedin and by visiting his website



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