Feasting out on Royal Cuisine Group's Signature Seafood Shell-Out

Feasting out on Royal Cuisine Group's Signature Seafood Shell-Out

Over the weekend, we enjoyed a sumptuous feast. It was meant for a mini party of 10, but as a group of voracious eaters, 7 of us feasted over Royal Cuisine Group's signature Seafood Shell out - featuring a generous serving of premium seafood. Suffice to say, we finished it all. Royal Cuisine Group has recently announced a complete range of catering buffet menus to tantalize and excite foodies.

What was in it:
- Mud crab (1.5KG)
- Scallops (1KG)
- Clams (1KG)
- Tiger Prawns (1KG)
- Blue Mussel (1KG)
- Potatoes, Chicken Chipolata Sausage, Corn cob

5 Types of sauces to choose from:
- Chilli Crab
- Cajun
- Spicy Cajun- Black pepper
- Salted Egg

Their Royal Cuisine Group 's Signature Shell-Out Feast comes with generous servings of premium seafood - and goes for the price of S$218 (S$233.26 w/GST) for a party of 10 persons.  

Delivered in a fuss-free white box and split into 2 aluminum foil-type trays, it was comfortable for us to enjoy the food as we basked in hearty conversations across the dining table. This catered Shell Out feast was catered by Royal Cuisine Group, which offers a broad range of catering menus.

They offer the following services:

- Catering buffet menu (lunch / dinner/ tea), from as low as $10.80 per person
- Drop off menu (from $5 per set for economical bento with a variety of menu options to choose from)
- Peranakan menu headed by a bona fided Baba chef
- Low Carb menu for the weight conscious folks
- Corporate / seminar menus (available for full or half day) thoughtfully designed for local and international participants
- Celebratory menus, such as for wedding celebrations, including a thematic setup with floral centerpiece, dedicated event caption and reception table with 2 chairs and seat covers
- Live station
- Thematic decor and 6 dessert tables options

I also like how their corporate responsibility programme seeks to give back to those in need. Named Seeds of Kindness (an employee-led initiative), every dollar spent with Royal Cuisine Group will see a portion of the proceeds channelled to various charitable initiatives.

To learn more about their catering options as well as Seeds of Kindness programme, visit royalcuisinegroup.com.

xoxo, Janel

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