Stark Contrast in Air Quality with Starke Living's Air Purifier

Stark Contrast in Air Quality with Starke Living's Air Purifier

Sleep is one of the most precious time in a person's life. What if I told you that you could improve on the quality of your sleep with just one tool? Yes - I'm talking about the air purifier! 

Living in a metropolitan city like Singapore, air pollution levels has always been a concern. Did you know that air purifiers have the ability to refresh stale air, reduce chances of health issues - which mainly involve keeping respiratory infections in check and lower possibility of aggravating symptoms in asthma sufferers? 

So you can imagine my joy when I got the air purifier from Starke Living. Their air purifiers have 3 layer filers to help absorb the impurities in the air. In addition, it disinfects and sterilises the air at the same time.  

As you can see here, the air purity level when I first switched this on was around 77%.

What I liked about this air purifier is that it also allows for easy monitoring of ambient air quality, showing the colour change according to ambient air quality. If you see the 'red' like on, means the air quality is very bad, 'yellow' indicates poor air quality, while 'green' means air quality is good. 

If the red or yellow light is on, no fret. The air purifier uses negative ions to purify the air by magnetically attracting pollutants such as viruses, dust particles, free radicals and even pollen ni the air that may endanger health and serve as irritants to the respiratory system. What happens here is that once the negative ions 'sticks' on to these particles, they become too heavy to remain in the air you breathe and drops to the surface, making it easy for you to wipe down and clean them up (as dust). Woohoo!

The package comes light and easy - with 1 air purifier, 1 simple manual and 1 USB fast charge type-C cable. Once you charge this product with the provided cable, you can carry it wirelessly to any location and start using it! It's effective range is around 10-15 square meters. Super portable! 

One full charge will last around 20 hours of use. 

Lastly, I liked how the fan is kept at a minimal sound level, so it doesn't even wake a baby (or light sleepers). It was so quiet, I didn't even notice if it was 'functioning'. haha! 

Fan speeds can also be adjusted automatically or manually to 3 different fan speed levels to meet different air purification needs. 

Product descriptions stated below for quick reference:

  • Colour: White/Grey
  • Size: 16*16*26.8cm
  • Battery: 10000mAh, 37W (estimated lasting time 20h)
  • Purification level: H13
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 56.8m3/h
  • Noise level: <52.3dB
  • Negative ion concentration: 8000000 pcs/m3
  • Effective Range: 10-15 square meters
  • Can be used in multiple locations, bathroom, living room, dining room, car etc.

For more information on this air purifer, check out their website here: https://starkeliving.com/product/air-purifier/

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