Modori: What's This Cookware Goodle for?

Modori: What's This Cookware Goodle for?

Ever envied those who whipped up nice dishes in their home, or scrolled through instagram to homecooked meals that come complete served in lovely cooking pans? Well, Modori's new Goodle series can help you achieve just that! When they sent me the Goodle series, I was pleasantly pleased at just how lovely their sets looked. 

I had a chance to try out their: 

  1. Goodle Saucepan
  2. Goodle Frying Pan 24cm
  3. 24cm Pan Lid of Frying Pan
  4. Goodle Egg Pan
  5. Goodle 28cm Wok

What I like about their cookware is that it combines the benefits of coated cookware, stainless steel cookware and cast iron cookware. Modori's cookware adopts a patented Inoble coating, made of fine coating particles which enhances the non-stick effect, making it easier to clean after cooking. 

Unlike other thin coatings used on cookwares, the Inoble coating uses a low-pressure spraying with countless tiny dot-like particles, repeated 6 times to further strengthen the durability of the coating. This coating is 7 times thicker than the ordinary coating for usual cookwares, hence making it truly durable and trustworthy to use!

Other benefits: 
- PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid)-Free (a.k.a non-toxic)
- Uses high-purity aluminum
- No harmful substances emitted during cooking
- Passed millions of tests: Long-lasting coating
Patented oil road method: Strengthen the non-stick effect
Great heat retention: Same heat retention effect as cast iron
Ideal for long-term durability and performance

But wait! Some of you would be thinking about its wooden handle as well, especially when handling cookware near open fires. 


Firstly, Modori's design has made its handles more hygienic and easy to clean. The beautiful, sleek handles are made from the wood of the Korean Somei Yoshino cherry tree, which is comfortable to hold and importantly, also easy to grasp. 

There is no need to worry about burning the wooden handle as the Goodle collection has high thermal conductivity. Just using low or medium heat when cooking, is sufficient - yes, even for steak! Because they have fused the benefits of cast iron cookware in it, remember? 

Especially when you're using a gas stove (open fire), please pay extra attention to the fire level and always keep it at medium or low fire, because If the fire is too high, it may burn to the sides of the cookware and damage the wooden handles!

Just take note that this cookware is suitable for cooking with various stoves (Gas Stove/Induction Cooker/Ceramic Cooker/Heating Plate) but cannot be used in the microwave!

Mum helping with the cooking :)

Oh by the way, I will highly recommend you season the cookware before use: here's what I did. 

1. Washed the cookware in neutral mild detergent with a soft cloth or sponge.
2. Wiped the cookware dry
3. Poured in a small amount of cooking oil and heat (using low to medium heat) the pan. 
4. Clean the excessive oil from the pan with kitchen towel and I re-washed it again! 

How to take care of your Modori Goodle collection:
1. Use neutral detergent and a soft sponge to clean. Avoid using alkaline detergent such as baking soda.
2. Clean the pan/pan immediately after cooking, especially after cooking food with sauces or colors, as the wooden handle may be stained if left for a long time.
3. Avoid using anything metallic, including metal steel brushes containing abrasive minerals or brushes made of rough materials such as scouring pads. (Yes, this means avoiding metal spoons in pan, as Uncle Roger would concur) Make sure you use a soft sponge when washing. 
4. Be sure to use wooden, heat-resistant silicone cooking utensils when cooking.
5. Please avoid heating the pan over a long time if there's nothing in it.
6. Avoid drastic or sudden changes in temperature, which will weaken the non-stick material. This includes running a hot pan under cold water to cool it down.
7. Avoid using Modori Goodle Collection with a microwave and dishwasher.
8.  Do not immerse the wooden handle in water. Use a neutral detergent and room temperature water for regular cleaning.
9. The non-stick coating of the pan/pan does have a service life and will vary according to how it's used and the frequency of usage. Please read all precautions before using cookware for better care.

Want to learn more about the Goodle collection? 

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