Healing all Ales (Ails): Who's THIRSTY for some Craft Beer?

Healing all Ales (Ails): Who's THIRSTY for some Craft Beer?

Thanks to the Thirsty team for sending me this lovely 'Thirst Aid Kit' Stay-home gift box.

That said, I have been a customer with them wayyyy before this (year 2018, I think?), as some of you already know, following my instagram

Well, enjoy lovely craft (yes, they do same day delivery!) while at home. As Thirsty shares, "We have the perfect cure for all that ales them!" - Geddit? Ales for all ails. haha.

I received the following beers, which you can individual purchase from them as well. I'm not going to list the individual beers (though you can possible view them yourself from the images). But I have to say that I enjoyed their selection. 

But if you'd like their curated beer picks, you'll be safe to just leave it to them and go with this visually stunning gift box - for your friends, or even if you ever feel like you need to wind down for the weekend. 

Beer styles range from light to bold, such as a session IPA, cream soda ale, double IPA, imperial stout, and many more. It retails at $55 includes free same-day delivery when you order before 4 pm.

There is even an option to send the gift box with a glass option, which is also priced the same, just replacing 1 can of beer with their limited edition beer glasses - which are very well-designed, I must say. Definitely a collector's item for a hophead!

One of my favourites!
Stunning box design

With this gift box, you'll get one each of:

  • Lager
  • Session Ale
  • Cream Soda
  • Hoppy Wheat Ale
  • Session IPA
  • IPA
  • Amber Ale
  • Stout
  • Imperial Hazy IPA / Thirsty Beer Glass (Depending what option you picked!)
Their range gift boxes can be found here, for various occasions: https://www.thirsty.com.sg/collections/gift

Also, have I mentioned how gorgeous their advent calendar gift boxes are becoming year on year? I simply love how they are upping the ante on their designs, and after all, they not only want to deliver good crafts, but also stunning designs to feed you visually!

The advent calendar gift box offers 24 beers, including 4 special exclusives and 10 new craft releases. Did I also mention this year, it comes with an extremely cute limited edition beer glass? I seriously want one! (btw, this gift boxes are highly coveted amongst their customers, which is why it's up for pre-orders only (last year it all sold out in November). Deliveries for the advent will begin on 24 November 2021 so it'll just be in time for a beery awesome December! 

xoxo, Janel

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