How to quickly (and efficiently) remove potato skins?

How to quickly (and efficiently) remove potato skins?

Potatoes are delicious, but don't you sometimes find peeling potatoes a cumbersome job? This post will share with you how to quickly (and efficiently) remove potato skins. 

With this method, perhaps, you might find that your potato peeling life becomes much easier! 

How to quickly remove potato skins? 

1. First, wash the potatoes. 
2. Use a knife to slice it through around the circumference of the potato, try to make it a full circle. 
3. Boil your potatoes as usual. 
4. When it's cooked, fish it out of the water and into a bowl of iced water. 
5. After soaking it for about 5 seconds, fish out the potatoes, and hold on to both ends of the potato skins and use gentle force to 'slide' the potatoes out of its jacket!

This method mainly makes use of the principles of thermal expansion. This way, there would be much less wastage of potatoes than when you use a slicer on them! :)

Hope this helps, and I've also sourced for a video where someone has done it previously, I've linked it here for your easy viewing too! :)

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