Plant-based foods: Fad or not fad?

Plant-based foods: Fad or not fad?

Plant-based foods have become more than just a trend. 

With environmental and health concerns, the demand for plant-based alternatives has skyrocketed in recent years, giving rise to a new generation of plant-based food companies that are changing our dinner plates as we know them.

It's also a trend that's catching up as many meat eaters are becoming concerned about the impact that animal products have on their health and for the welfare of animals themselves. But health concerns aren't the only reason for this diet and lifestyle shift: environmental considerations have played a big role too, with a rising consciousness about climate change due to its link with rising temperatures, animal agriculture and resource exhaustion leading to soil degradation and deforestation.

Not too long ago, Gordon shared a confession on how he's going vegan - with a plot twist at the end. Well, that video that amassed 13 million views, showcased him cooking an eggplant-based steak to perfection - that of how you would a normal steak. 

Lovely, and definitely got me hungry. (watch said embedded tiktok video below to salivate)


That Vegan Teacher where are yo——oh wait 😉 ##tiktokcooks ##learnontiktok ##vegan ##steak ##recipe

♬ original sound - Gordon Ramsay

So what exactly is plant-based food?

It's not just kale salads and green juices — it encompasses everything from vegetarian soups to vegan butters and meatless beef crumbles (think Beyond Meat). 

These futuristic foods may sound strange at first (though popular among those who partake), but they're certainly worth investigating if you're looking to make healthier choices or save the planet.

Plant-based products are made using, well, plants. And there is far more to vegan food than just meatless burgers. As the plant-based trend continues to gain steam, a new generation of vegans has come into their own — and they're expecting (and getting) higher-quality options. 

There are now an endless array of vegan substitutes, including plant-based versions of fish, cheese, ice cream, bacon and other popular foods that were never even on the menu before. 

Vegan restaurants and food start-ups are also making it easier for busy people to find quality food while on the go, offering everything from ready-made vegan meals to fully vegan restaurants that cater to omnivores as well as vegans alike.

Are they expensive?

As plant-based foods set to become more common, prices will see decrease as demand increases. For now, locally, the Impossible Meat brand is leading the forefront, making it readily available for people to now be able to grab-and-go this vegan delight, to be made available from 26 May in Singapore 7-11 stores. (Read more about this news here)

Since plant-based foods can be made without using animal products, they are decidedly cheaper to produce. However, companies will probably need to also invest in technological advancements if they want their products to compete, cost-wise, with the traditional meat industry.

Summary: Can plant-based foods drive me to replace meat in my daily diet?

Then, this brings me to my visit at one of the newest vegan restaurants in Singapore, Green Common. Can they compete with the flavours we have become so ascustomed to, the smoky, robust flavours of meat? 

Well, more on that taste review, coming to you soon. 

xoxo, Janel

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