Updates on future of this blog and a 'new' exciting project

Updates on future of this blog and a 'new' exciting project

Today, I want to talk about the future of this blog with you guys. 

Here are my 2 very quick updates:

1) Hey, so... I'm back, truly.

I've been busy, but I'm still eating.

Basically I know over the past 2 years I haven't been updating this blog super frequently, kinda neglected it because you know, life outside social media still goes on and I was facing challenges that needed my attention and more of my time outside of here. 

Especially this year, what with Covid-19 and all, it hasn't been an easy year for many people.

Basically, I'll try to keep this blog as a hub, tying together all the social media content I put out. I hope it'll help you guys navigate better as well and not miss out on any content I put on other platforms. 

For those of you who have still been following my instagram @Janelkuuu , thank you so much for all your support, and hope my photos have been visually stimulating your tastebuds as usual. haha!

Well, I do hope to have a chance to re-connect with you all, internet world readers! Love y'all much.

2) #KuGirlPrayerProject 

It does, truly.

Also, an update is that over the past 3 months, I have embarked on a private project called #Ku90daysfor900people, where I was trying to hit my goal of praying for 900 people in 90 days up till my birthday in October. 

Well, while I didn't manage to hit my 'goal' per se, I was able to pray for more than 200 people now (both friends and strangers online! Praise the Lord!). 

AND I really want to keep it going. So I'm going to be renaming this project #KuGirlPrayerProject.

If you've a prayer need, send them to me if you'd like me to also contribute in prayer for you! 

I will be happy to pray for you in my quiet time with God. So please, feel free to send me all your prayer requests (check out the full details of the project info here), and I will pray for you! 

FYI: you don't have to be Christian and you don't have to be Singaporean! I just feel that prayer changes things, so please feel free to submit your requests to me any time you feel like you need it.

This whole process will totally be anonymous and I hope to be able to make a difference for you lovely people, through the simple act of prayer.

With much love, 


A screengrab from my private account on the #Ku90daysfor900people project.

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