Cake Delivery Singapore: Same day order, same day delivery in Singapore!

Cake Delivery Singapore: Same day order, same day delivery in Singapore!

Alright, I'm going to put this upfront. 

Who have experienced problems finding last minute cake deliveries for birthday surprises?

Give me last minute cake delivery, please! 

Yes, how often during Circuit Breaker have we struggled with finding cakeshops that could delivery a surprise to our friends at the 'last minute'? 

More often than not, during this period, people were not only sending food for birthday surprises, but also to encourage each other during this tough time. Many cake shops say they can offer last minute deliveries, but I have come across many unable to fulfill the order (because I was too late in placing the order). 

But to be fair it's really hard for cake shops to be able to fulfill too last minute orders as well. 

Some deal with manpower, logistic or insufficient ingredient issues, so it's also no fault of theirs that they are unable to deliver super last minute orders.

But wait, I'm here to share that finally one cake shop is making that happen for us, and that's Cake Delivery Singapore

They are the only cake delivery I know that offers same-day, midnight and overnight delivery — so you can surprise your loved ones, no matter the time! I love that because sometimes I just want to send some delicious treats to friends to cheer them up, and this option to do so is really great. 

They are even able to deliver cakes within the hour of placing the order! (just telling you, in case you're sometimes as last minute and random as I am haha!)


Their most popular cakes are the Ondeh Ondeh and Mao Shan Wang Chocolate cake, and I went with the Mao Shan Wang Chocolate cake because the flavour not only sounds interesting, but I also love durian! 

As durian is a fruit after all, Cake Delivery shared that the cake can be kept in the fridge for 5 days, and around 1.5 weeks if kept in the freezer. Honestly, we polished half the cake off in a day, but had to keep some in the fridge to enjoy slowly (because, why not!)


The durian layer was a good amount within the chocolate cake, which was moist and chocolaty, not at all overpowering in any way, offering a good amount of durian hint! No wonder those who have ordered this cake are wonderfully pleased at its quality! 

Also, did I mention how their cakes are also pretty good for your wallet? 

You're getting an awesome deal for a 1.3kg freshly baked cake (serves approx 12 slices, at 24cm/9.5inches) at $68.90! Crazy, and it sports both chocolate and durian in it?

And there you have it y'all. Awesome!

Overall, I had enjoyed this cake. Make sure you also pair this with a nice cup of hot tea, it'll be such a lovely afternoon dessert treat!

Because I love citrusy desserts, I think I might also have a go at their Yuzu Citrus Osmanthus Cake next! 

To place an order, head over to their Cake Delivery Singapore's website https://cakedelivery.sg/

Did I mention their shopping process is pretty smooth as well? 

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