Ergotune Supreme: The Ultimate Ergonomic Chair Experience

Ergotune Supreme: The Ultimate Ergonomic Chair Experience

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My close friends know that I've been raving about this chair quite abit these couple of weeks. Why? 

With #WorkFromHome in place over the past couple months, I was previously facing symptoms where I developed numbness in my arms due to long hours seated while working from home, supported by a subpar computer chair. 

Enter: Ergotune.

Yes, nearly a third of our day is spent sitting: Work, studies, gaming. Indeed, having a good chair can support you as you sit. And I am so happy that the guys at Ergotune looked into that. 

Here are first thoughts from when I had the Ergotune Supreme chair delivered to me. Check out my quite video snapshot via instagram here:

This lovely chair comes in 2 colours: Black and Coral Pink.

Honestly, the coral pink looks awesome (I super wanna get that too! Go check the coral pink version out here).

Who are they: ErgoEdge

The founders of the Ergotune Chairs were simply fed-up with subpar chairs had poor designs or just simply poor purchasing experience. They then set out to produce the perfect ergonomic chair which met their high standards but had an affordable price point for everyone! 

Yes, gamers out there, we're also talking to you! haha.

Every aspect of the chair was well thought through - from design to materials to distribution channels - to maximise value and ultimately eliminating unnecessary costs (which we all love, yes?)

ErgoTune Supreme Benefits

One of the main benefits I look for in an ergonomic chair is spinal support, and this chair obviously doesn't disappoint. It features their ErgoEdge's Auto Tuning Lumbar Area Support (ATLAS), Made-in-South Korea class IV hydraulics systems, Duraweave hybrid mesh. 

Each chair comes with 2 super guide booklets which you'll greatly find useful to find your ideal custom sitting experience! 

The first one is the Key Calibrations Guide, to provide detailed instructions for the chair's adjustment points, which will guide you through calibration to fit your body by following the ideal posture on the respective pages. 

Thereafter, to adjust it based on your various activities, just refer to the 2nd booklet - Activity Adjustments Guide

The mesh is by far one of my favourite features, because it allows air to flow through without jamming your style. I've tried other gaming chairs, but most were too warm after long periods of sitting. Well, I would know - we live in Singapore where fans and aircons are one of our best friends.

Using a self-adjusting lumbar support (SALS), the backrest adjusts accordingly to every slight movement you make, ensuring maximised comfort throughout its usage. The range also features fixed recline angles that you can lock in. 

The hyper adjustability of of this chair allows you to switch it up based on your activities through the day. Chair seat can be lifted to a max of 57cm from the ground, measured from floor to maximum chair seat height. 

The chair also comes with TrueTilt precision recline controls, 3D support headrest, as well as 5D armrest. 

These features are most welcome as they enable a truly powerful and effective experience when you need to be decked at your desk all day. The headrest can be adjusted in a variety of ways, which include upward and downward tilting to fit your neck curve, well supporting your head and upper spinal columns.

The recline controls let you precisely calibrate both recline angle and tension, letting you choose between various sitting positions for any activity - whether you're working and need to be seated upright or when you're just leaning back to watch a Netflix show while munching on popcorn. 

I love how the armrests are also hyper-adjustable. Yes, super adjustable. It provides full arm support for all activities! 

You determine the ideal angle depending on what you're doing. If you need more support for your elbows and arms while reading or using your phone, simple angle the armrests inwards. 

Writing or typing? Straighten it fully and let your arms have all the support it needs. With this feature, I was slowly able to ease down on the numbness I got from the long periods of working at the desk. 

Armrests also have 5 adjustment levels. If your arms don't feel supported enough because of your desk which is on the higher side (like mine), simple adjust it so that your arms are bent 80-100 degrees to be level with the tabletop to enhance your ergonomic sitting experience!

If you want can, opt for delivery with assembly (just like I did). Assembly costs just another $19 but is totally worth it (especially for noobs like me!). 

For those who are brave enough to choose fixing it by themselves, a detailed assembly guide and fixing tool kit is provided along with deliveries.

Okay la, they won't leave you hanging. 

Check out their video guide here too! 


The ErgoTune Supreme will be having a launch promo price of $599, (from the usual price of $750, so you can save $150) which will also be between 1st Oct to 31st Oct 2020. If you purchase within this period you can stand a chance to win a 100% cashback too!

Launch Price: $599 (get another $30 savings by using my promo code JANELKU30, only available from 1st to 31st Oct 2020!)

Since their chairs are built to last, they also come with a 12 year warranty (say what?!) 

Get those details here.

Can't wait to lay your hands on an Ergotune Supreme? 

Get yours here now!

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