Hair Services Fit for the Royals at Yoon Salon

Hair Services Fit for the Royals at Yoon Salon

Photo Credits: Taisiia Shestopal, Unsplash

If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’ll know I have been struggling with my own hair for quite a bit now. I’ve always prided my ‘mane’ – read: natural frizz – as a symbol of uniqueness. But I was eluded to the fact it added a sweep of frumpiness to my daily look. Yes, it was voluminous, alright. But for the wrong reasons. 

My mane was uniquely (indeed) frizzled out and you know, it took me some hard knocks in life to learn that your locks are actually the most important part of your look. In fact, it’s one of the first most noticeable parts of your beauty. 

Some say, it’s also part of your personality – which absolutely was a downer for me, especially since I let my tresses go wild by itself in the earlier, younger part of my 20s. Probably costing me many valuable first impressions. Hey, I’m not saying much, but I could have looked more like a bum than a professional. At work. To my bosses. 

Anyhoo – if it’s important, then we’d probably need to find a place worthy to treat it. 

Let me bring you to YOON. It’s a premium hair salon, with 3 branches in Singapore. They have a  stylist team which boasts numerous years of experience. Their dedicated team helps their clients combat troubling hair issues – and it’s pretty much their KPI to help their customers attain desired goals. They specialise in pretty much every service to do with your strands – styling, treatments for issues (including the scalp!). 

Glowing testimonials on their webpage also highlights their stylist crew’s exceptional service and quality in managing not only tresses, but customer service as well. 

Photo Credits: Yoon Salon

Curious to learn the range of professional services they offer? Let’s break it down here. 

Professional Services YOON Salon Offers 

Many times when I visit many other salons, I have requested for a style which did not suit me, but rather, a style that suited well for a particular actress (because they look so good, don’t they?). But the real fact is that I need my stylist to tell me if the style I am requesting doesn't work for me. I can take the truth. I just need my stylist to deliver that to me, gently. At YOON, they can work with you to ensure that the haircut is well suited for your face shape. 

It’s no longer 2010 anymore. People now don’t judge you if you’ve red, blue, green highlights anymore or all at the same time. People experiment with colours nowadays, and because they do, it’s important to get a salon that knows how to dye the colour well. YOON uses high-quality products to ensure the colours that you want, turn out rich and long lasting. Which also brings me to the next point…

For the experimenters, the creative, and ultimately, the envy of everyone — YOON is also able to help you achieve the modern, mermaid look you’ve always wanted. Yes, think – balayage, ombre, highlights and other creative colouring. And of course, for some colours, you’ll probably need to also include bleaching your strands. YOON also offers this, under their bleaching options. 

Photo Credit: Kareya Saleh, Unsplash

Their stylists are hugely familiar with any style you snap and show them. Be it from a Korean or Japanese drama – yes, the widely popular Korean S-Curl perm, C-curl perm, Wave perm, Japanese styled perm, root volume perm as well as the pin curl perm, they know it all. And while this might remain the top choice for naturally straight-haired folks, the following option is usually something that naturally curly-haired folks might be interested in.

Have I ever shared how my first rebonding session was a total disaster? That was more than 15 years ago. Today, rebonding technology has way surpassed the technology then, ensuring that straightened strands don't dry out as much and become as brittle as before. At YOON, you’ll be able to walk away with straight luscious (smooth-looking) locks that would have been impossible 15 years back. Especially since they are the experts of straight and soft rebonding, you can expect nothing but the best.  

Photo Credits: Yoon Salon

With this service, you’ll be able to enjoy soft and natural looking curls with their Volume S-Curl Rebonding as well as the Volume C-Curl Rebonding, which won’t trim down on the voluminous factor.

Remember how I mentioned I was in love with my ‘mane’ earlier, until I realise I probably shouldn’t? Well, YOON offers defrizzing treatments to ensure that your locks wouldn't fluff up like a cotton ball anymore. After a treatment, you will have stronger, fortified roots that will bring about smoother, silkier tresses. I just wish I could have discovered this service long, long ago.

In Singapore, we perspire very, very often. Due to our humid climate, our weather wreaks havoc on our scalp – often the reason for frizz and grease. Too much humidity can make our locks greasy, which also in turn leads to itchy scalp (due to all that grease build up, clogged pores). Alongside that, it can easily become the pandora box’s opening to bring in many other issues such as dry scalp, sensitive scalps and (yelp) hair loss! All that can happen if we don’t know how to treat our scalp well. YOON not only seeks to beautify your tresses with their services, but seeks ways to ensure we nip the issues at the root (pun intended). Remember to check with them directly on their scalp services, which includes deep cleansing all that dirt and sebum. 

Trial first session for any service goes for $28. All you have to do is head over to their webpage, fill up your details and all you have to do is head over to their webpage, fill up your details and redeem the offer!

Visit them for a consultation at any of their outlets, below. Make sure you call to make an appointment first! More details on their webpage. 

Photo Credits: Aw Creative, Unsplash


Midpoint Orchard
220 Orchard Road, #01-02
Midpoint Orchard, Singapore 238852
Tel: 6235 3816

Havelock II
2 Havelock Rd, #01-04
Havelock II, Singapore 059763
Tel: 6223 0224
Queensway Shopping Centre
1 Queensway, #02-29 Queensway
Shopping Centre, Singapore 149053
Tel: 6261 0913

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