What's popping up lately: Notable Places to Eat at

What's popping up lately: Notable Places to Eat at

Popular Japanese soft serve and speciality tea shop Emma has put a unique spin on the ubiquitous b ubble t ea drink ! The new Kuromitsu Tea Latte series — Hojicha, Sencha and Kurogoma (black sesame) — features carefully curated ingredients that are imported directly from Japan ; a lso available as chilled beverages . Savour the best of Japan in a cup with Kurogoma or Japanese Tea , creamy Hokkaido milk and our signature Kuromitsu or black sugar from the sunny island of Okinawa. In addition, Okinawa brown sugar ta pioca pearls can be added to the Kuromitsu T ea Latte offerings to satisfy all your bubble tea crav ings !

To learn more about them, visit: https://www.facebook.com/emmasoftsg/

Maxi Mango
Originating from Davao, Philippines, Maxi Mango has taken Philippines by storm, with over 43 outlets popping up all over Philippines in the short span of 10 months. Showing no signs of slowing down, Maxi Mango is taking the mango craze to Singapore with their very first flagship outlet here at Capitol Piazza.

Maxi Mango started as a pop-up kiosk at food fairs in 2017. Hailing from the country well-known for producing some of the sweetest mangoes in the world, Maxi Mango’s soft serve desserts are strictly made with real, fresh mangoes shipped directly from the Philippines. The juicy sweet mangoes are a perfect complement for Maxi Mango’s soft serve – the star component of the famous dessert. Having more than six years of experience in soft serve desserts, the couple experimented tirelessly with different ingredients and flavours until they got the perfect mix.

Get ready to indulge in Maxi Mango’s signature version of the Filipino refrigerator cake, featuring succulent mangoes from the Philippines, velvety soft serve, and crushed graham crackers.In Singapore, the brand will launch five signature Maxi Mango soft serves: Mango Graham, Mango Keso, Mango Ube, Mango Coconut and the Maxi Mango. Simple and addictive, the Maxi Mango soft serves with luscious mangoes are topped off with your choice of crushed graham crackers, indulgent cheese topping (keso), Philippine purple yam (ube), or fragrant fresh coconut.

Additionally, the brand will also launch the traditional Filipino Mango Shake, and the original Mango Graham Shake.

To learn more about them, visit: https://www.facebook.com/Maxi-Mango-Singapore-726647094434408/

Yanmi Yogurt
Yanmi Yogurt, presents the most loved purple-rice yogurt drink from China and Sydney, bringing the iconic yogurt drink with pearl-like purple-rice bits here. This drink is said to have driven a five-hour queue overseas. For bubble-tea lovers who are looking for a healthier alternative, this yogurt drink is the answer, as the purple-rice bits have a chewy texture that is reminiscent of pearls’. It also makes a perfect beauty drink for ladies or healthy meal replacement for those on a weight-loss journey.

Yanmi Yogurt uses fresh yogurt made with Australian milk, and purple rice imported from Mojiang Hani Autonomous County (Mojiang). The milk, produced by cows that are raised on pollution-free grassland pastures. The purple rice from Mojiang is known for its premium quality — it is prepared through continuous cooking and cooling for five hours. The rice bits are refreshing and add a nice crunch to the velvety drink.

Touted as the king of rice, purple rice is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folic acid, protein and more.Yanmi Yogurt offers a variety of options that will wow different palates. The Famous Fruit Yogurt Smoothie series uses fruits that are specially selected for their juiciness, nutritional value, fibre content and natural sweetness.

At Yanmi Yogurt, all drinks are made by hand with all-natural ingredients. Brimming with probiotics, it improves gut health and aids digestion, helping the drinker to improve his overall well-being.

To learn more about them, visit: https://www.facebook.com/yanmiyogurt/

Asia’s most popular udon chain, Tamoya, recently opened their latest brance at Plaza Singapura, which brings it to 17 outlets worldwide! Tamoya launches the outlet-exclusive Truffle Tonkotsu Udon. Only available at the newest Plaza Singapura outlet, the Truffle Tonkotsu Udon features the heady aroma of truffle oil infused into the creamy and rich pork bone broth and topped with chashu, corn, Japanese leek, nori and half an ajitama egg for a satisfying slurp!

Making a hot comeback on the mainstay menu is Tamoya’s Sukiyaki Udon, the combination of both sukiyaki and udon noodles for an innovative way to enjoy udon. The sukiyaki comes with juicy slices of beef or pork alongside a colourful assortment of vegetables in one simmering pot. Enjoy the comforts of an individual sukiyaki bowl brimming with ingredients for this upcoming festive season ahead!

Tamoya’s signature chewy udon are handmade in-stores daily, with quality ingredients; from flour to shoyu and even bonito imported directly from Japan. The affordable and comforting bowls of springy udon which start from just $6.90, various tempura sides from $1 and free unlimited condiments makes their udon a favourite amongst many.

To learn more about them, visit: https://www.facebook.com/tamoya.sg/

Zoey's Diner
Nestled in the heartlands of Sengkang, Zoey’s Diner, a new casual fast diner concept has opened at CompassOne. Hoping to fill the gap for comfort, fuss-free fast food made with quality ingredients, Zoey’s Diner aims to be a cosy, friendly and welcoming neighbourhood eatery where students, families and working adults alike would love.

Providing a modern take on the classic burger, Zoey’s serves its version, affectionately known as Baobae – a fusion of the Chinese bao and western burger. Made fresh daily, the 35-seater diner offers a number of Baobaes ($9.90) using lightly toasted brioche buns and handmade, dome shaped Baos for a fluffy yet crispy bite. Zoey’s Diner does not serve pork or lard in its premises.

To learn more about them, visit: https://www.facebook.com/zoeysdinersg/

YUN NANS is opening a second outlet at Westgate. This comes 7 months after its initial successful launch at Jewel Changi Airport. Hailing from and known in China as 云海肴 (pronounced as “Yunhaiyao”), YUN NANS is the largest Yunnan F&B chain in the world. Since the opening of its flagship outlet at Jewel Changi Airport, the restaurant has been winning over the hearts of local gourmands with its repertoire of highland cuisine (gao yuan liao li).

Exclusively available at the Westgate outlet is the Crispy Hor Fun with Yunnan Truffle Prawn Broth. The hor fun is both deep-fried and stir-fried, giving a delightful mixed texture of crunchy and chewiness with every bite. The heady aroma of the prawn broth topped with Yunnan truffle shavings rounds up the dish perfectly. The outlet will also serve a new Steam Pot Chicken Soup with Matsutake Mushroom, a fresh take on the restaurant's top-selling dish, Steam Pot Chicken. The soup is brewed using a unique technique that does not require a single drop of water. Instead, the chicken is pressure-steamed for three hours. The soup is clear, delicate, nourishing and robust in flavour without any hint of greasiness.

Fans of grilled dishes will be delighted to know that the Westgate outlet will carry some of the restaurant’s most beloved grilled offerings, such as Charcoal Grilled Seabass with Lemongrass 傣味香茅草烤鲈鱼 (S$23.90++) , Charcoal Grilled Pork Belly 傣味烤五花肉 (S$9.90++), Charcoal Grilled Tiger Prawns 炭烤香辣老虎虾 (S$5.90++/each) and Charcoal Grilled Zucchini 烤小瓜 (S$3.50++). Yunnan spices are used to season the dishes, which are then grilled for a smoky finish.

To learn more about them, visit: https://www.facebook.com/yunnanssg

O’My Kampong Café
One will find this new cafe with an array of bright colours and nostalgic décor at Sengkang Riverside Park. O’My Kampong Café is a Kampong concept café and a halal-certified F&B brand as created by the its mother brand under Old Chang Kee. The Kampong theme is not only present in the food offerings, but also in the drinks as well.

O’My Kampong is also a 100% kid-friendly café where we serve Kids Set Meals (at $6.90 each) such as Fish & Chips, Chicken Chop, Fish Mini Burgers and Chicken Mini Burgers. Each set comes with one ice/hot Milo and one Kampong toy.

To learn more about them, visit: https://www.facebook.com/OMyKampong

Hey Yogurt
Hey Yogurt, a handmade yogurt shake donned with local twists has opened its very first outlet in Singapore’s Jurong Point. Hey Yogurt drinks boast a thick and smooth texture made from a secret formulation using Australia premium diary and places a heavy emphasis on its daily homemade yogurt which contributes to its freshness and fragrance.

The yogurt is first fermented for overnight on premise and then stored in a controlled environment with temperature of 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. This ensures the taste, quality, and texture remain consistent.

Among its marquee signature items include Dreamy Purple Rice (S$4.90), Hey! Peach (S$5.90), Milk and Silk (S$5.90), Avo - Banana (S$6.30), and Skinny Red Bean (S$4.90) . The ‘Grains Series’ (single grain) and ‘Multigrains Series’ (dual grain) at Hey Yogurt features a series of grains made with nutritious hawthorns, red dates, oats, purple rice and red beans.

Carefully selected grains are prepared through a strict treatment, filtering, steaming and cooling process, to ensure their chewiness, texture and natural sweetness. A rendition of a local dessert, Pulut Hitam, the Dreamy Purple Rice is sinless version that boast creamy yogurt (replacing the fattening coconut milk) and refreshing chewy bits of purple rice – which is one of their top feature under the ‘Grains Collection’. The new yogurt shake brand also focuses on offering healthier options, striving to provide a hearty dessert drink with options of less carbs and less sugar. Hey Yogurt’s drinks are also a great source of probiotics – enhancing a healthy gut while aiding digestion.

To learn more about them, visit: https://www.facebook.com/heyyogurtsg/

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