Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Help In Becoming A Singapore PR

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Help In Becoming A Singapore PR

Hey my friends! I’m back with a pretty exciting (and not a very popular topic to us locals) this time round.

I hope you all had an awesome Chinese new year celebration, and in the new decade, I want you all to know that Singapore is a blessed country indeed.

As locals, we often take for granted the convenience and security that we have here. The number of benefits that we have as locals are unheard of overseas – we not only have world-class infrastructure, but also security, awesome food (come on now, we all have to agree to this!), low crime rates, a great transport system, its cleanliness, good weather (albeit it can get super warm and humid), each one has a place to call their home, and job opportunities are aplenty.

Our people here are extremely friendly as well (most of them you meet!) and are all pleasant, most-willing to extend a helping hand to those who needs it.

All these things, are what other people cherish, and yet we often tend to brush off quickly. But I love Singapore, and I know a lot of others love my country as well. 

Well, this time, I am here to share with some of you (especially my international readers) how to successfully become a Permanent Resident (PR). What? Got steps to become PR in Singapore meh?

In fact, yes, you can! As some of you who’ve tried to apply for permanent resident status in the country before probably already know this, application of the PR status is usually done through ICA (Immigrations Checkpoint Authority Singapore), and there are many stringent assessment criteria to go through to ensure only the ones who truly love this city and want to settle down in this little red dot, makes it in. It’s not only daunting; it can often be quite a long drawn process as well!


Like students studying and aiming for good grades in an exam, it makes the best of us nervous, especially when it means whether or not you get your PR status and start a new life in an awesome place like this! You probably also need to calculate your PR chances, and the good folks at Paul Immigrations can help you do that.

They do that in an extremely detailed assessment test, which studies a list of factors that affected your approval chances – ranging from your work pass, education and skillset, length of stay, age, family ties, alongside other factors.

Sound like a headache? That's why you need someone to help you along with your PR process, lah!

Well, but first – who is Paul Immigrations?

Set up in Singapore, the company is one of the top leading local consultancy firms, who have helped over 15,000 PR hopefuls. This achievement is surely not by chance, but by their expertise. As we all know, what with purchasing of insurance, houses or any other service, our account servicing team plays a very important role, not only providing us with exemplary customer service, but also with their deep knowledge and expertise on their subject matter.

Everyone of Paul Immigrations’ consultants are trained by industry trainers, as they provide professional solutions to existing customers and also conduct face-to-face assessment and consultations for people who are looking to truly call Singapore their home one day. The service agents are not only well-groomed, they are also fluent in communication, to ensure perfect communication lines between Paul Immigrations and its customers – one very important aspect to ensure you get the best service and raise your chances in the process!

Because, if communication breaks down at this level, and your agent isn’t able to help you process your documents in an impressive way, it will not only void you of your chance to get your application approved, but also pull you back to embarking on an exciting future in this tropical country!

They effectively ensure that your documents and forms comply with ICA’s accepted standards and provide you the assurance that there’ll be no common mistakes (which will usually cause applications to get rejected, yikes!)

What do you need to look for in your consultant?

Well, firstly, someone with attention to detail. She/he can help to double check your application, because just one small mistake or error on your form can result in rejection, and you might not only end up disappointed, but the fact that you have to restart the whole application process again might also set your savings back abit more than expected!

Next, they are able to provide you with ample support along the way – imagine English isn’t your first language, and you’re struggling to navigate your way through all the forms that demand so much information (and you’re not even sure which to prioritise on).

Your consultant will be able to help by cutting down on the time you require (because they are such experts in these applications already!) and help guide you through the entire process, so that you do not miss out on any other information, thus setting you on the right track without all that heart (and head) ache.

Singapore is also highly governed by many laws and regulations, especially around the PR application process. With a consultant to help you through the process, they will also be able to advise you on what you need to know about the various rules, norms and regulations surrounding the application processes. The lack of understanding these could also hinder you from having a successful application.

In the case of a rejection, even after all that’s properly said and done, an expert consultant can also help you with the appeals process, also helping to make sure that your appeal is well tended to.

All in all, expert immigration consultants such as the ones at Paul Immigrations, do help to make a difference, and offer a peace of mind in the entire process and are truly an ultimate support who are there for the applicants, every step of the way.

Think of them as your best friends, who are there for you and to help propel your application to success, lor.

If you can’t wait to be part of Singapore, and to proudly don red and white and call it your national colours, do make sure that you don’t waste your time and effort going about your PR application process anymore!

Wishing you all the best in your journey to being a permanent resident in Singapore liao!
To have a conversation about this, head on over to their website and request to speak to one of their consultants today!

This article is a sponsored piece by Paul Immigrations Singapore. 

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