Ever know what it feels like sleeping on fluffy marshmellows? Now, you can.

Ever know what it feels like sleeping on fluffy marshmellows? Now, you can.

Mmm~ marshmellows. Ever felt like laying your head on one of these soft, fluffy yummy white pieces? Just like the clouds, it always seems like it'll be awesome just to sink into one of those and have some of the best dreams ever. Well well well, what do you know.

The guys over at SleepWiz sent over this Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow, supposedly an innovative sleep solutions, targeted at giving you the well-deserved rest you can get.

Classic pillows are either overly bouncy (especially those overfilled synthetic ones!), or unsupportive and rigid, which flexes your head in a strained, awkward manner. Simply put, the Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow is a pillow that combines the adaptive support of memory foam and the plush comfort of a classic pillow.

Why is this pillow special? I already have a memory foam pillow, so why do I need this?

That's because typical memory foam pillows actually does not fit everyone's sleeping posture, and comes in weird contours and shapes. Some of you may have experienced waking up with a strained neck (the key sign of a poor night’s rest). This could have come from either from bad pillow positioning (either too far top or too far bottom) or an overall lousy pillow!

The Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow is filled with an interlocking cross-cut memory fluff which conforms to your neck and shoulders, creating a buoyant and supportive experience cradling your head! Unlike conventional memory foam or classic pillows, this pillow feels soft and plush, just like a giant marshmallow as it absorbs your head like those pillows in the luxurious hotels!

Yes! It's a dream come true! Now you can, indeed, know how it'll be like to sleep on a giant marshmellow.

In addition, the pillow fillings can be easily shifted around by hand (in contrast to traditional fixed memory foam), enabling you to fluff and re-fluff your pillows into your favourite shape, perfectly fitting your sleeping posture! This ensures the pillow is well fitted to support your head, a customised pillow, if you will!

Some other benefits also include: 
- Good airflow throughout the pillow, keeping you cool and fast asleep throughout the night, and easily removable for simple washing and drying
- Durable memory fluffs which maintains volume and support for your pillows for many years, unlike fiber pillows that rely on easily-destroyed fiber crimp

Investing in a good pillow goes a long way indeed, because, what is worse than waking up feeling like you never slept at all? For SGD$84, you'll get to enjoy the benefits that come with a great (marshmellow) pillow! What's more, there's a special price now, going for SGD$39.90! If you do get it, let me know how you've benefited from it too!

Check out their website here and to purchase the Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow for a great night's sleep: https://pillows.sg/shop/memory-fluff-pillow-plushopedic/

Sweet dreams!

This post was published in collaboration with Sleepwiz. 

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