Introducing Cha San Dai Alishan Black Tea!

Introducing Cha San Dai Alishan Black Tea!

Heyo everyone! I'm back with another food post beause I have good stuff to share. Any tea lovers in the house? 

Because today, I'll be introducing a brand of Alishan tea from Cha San Dai, which I've tried and tasted and turns out to be really nice

First of all, let's learn about Alishan tea. Alishan is literally talking about the Ali Mountain (which means 'shan' or in chinese). Hence the name! The tea is also named Alishan tea because it was farmed on tea estates on Ali Mountain and is a very popular tea to drink in Taiwan.

This type of tea has a deep flavour, and well-loved by many oolong tea lovers, for its robust and complex flavour profile, due to it being a slow growing tea and prized as it's only harvested twice in a year! There is also a slight sweetness to the tea  in the midst of all that deep character - we Chinese term the flavour as 甘甜 (lit. light tinge of sweetness). 

I love teas that can withstand multiple infusions, and that's why Alishan tea is great because as you continue to infusion it multiple times, while it waters down, it surprisingly still retains its flavour!

Well, because Alishan teas are harvested in a high mountain such as Ali Mountain, they are slightly more expensive than the other teas. Cha San Dai’s exquisite selections of tea are from Alishan, one of the best places for growing tea as the area is 23.5 degrees north latitude.

Because the Ali Mountain is high, it is a tropical, warm temperate and frigid climate zones, thus reducing the bitterness of the catechins and making the leaf buds soft. Sealing and enriching the pectin, the leaves are all green and clear, containing a natural fragrance. The selection of each tea from planting, gestation and picking, has its own story.

Here I’ll be introducing the Alishan Black Tea, which has a very diverse aroma.

Based on different fermentation processes and tea-making techniques, teas will usually turn out in various ways, such as floral, fruity or honey-flavored.

Well, this tea from Cha San Dai, after steeping, remains clean and clear looking. The tea is not bitter, as I’ve mentioned above, Ali Mountain’s teas usually have a slight sweetness within all that robust tea characters and leaves a fragrant after-taste.

There are five characteristics of this tea: fragrant, rich, pure, mellow and beauty.

To achieve the golden ratio for steeping the best flavour, get 1g of tea and mix with 80cc of hot water.

To Serve Warm: Soak the tea bag for 10 to 15 minutes
To Serve Cold: Place the tea in the refrigerator for 8 to 10 hours

For more information on this awesome tea, head over to their website https://www.chasandai1980.com/ to learn more!

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