CNY 2020 Edition: Stunning Red Fashion Picks To Rock Your New Year

CNY 2020 Edition: Stunning Red Fashion Picks To Rock Your New Year

Wishing you all a very happy new year 2020! Woohoo!

But let's get right to it, shall we? It's that time of the year again, where we will be soon celebrating the festive season of red. This year, we have even less time to get prepared for Chinese New Year, since it falls on 25 January this year, my friends, and time is running out to get a new outfit! Doesn't it seem just yesterday we celebrated CNY 2019? And yet here we are, looking up new clothes for CNY 2020 now.

Red here, red there, red everywhere.

Recent years, people have started to tone down on their red for the reason of it being hard to find an outfit that doesn't shout 'angpao!' in the wrong way. Yet, something is lacking when we don't dress up in red for the season. I'm guilty of it too, that for a couple years now I've not been dressing in red at all, keeping the outfits pretty muted.

But you deserve to shine in 2020.

So, I've pinned down some fashion style picks, and hope it helps give you an idea of some red items you can go with this festive season!

Here you go. Click on the clothes to find out more about the items you're interested in.
I've linked some which have free shipping, so be sure to check these picks out!

The Red Outfits

The Shoes

(So important! and it doesn't need to be all red, but I've picked some cool red ones for you too that doesn't say 'overdressed!')

The Accessories

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