Grab-and-go: I try a week of eating with Living Menu

Grab-and-go: I try a week of eating with Living Menu

The Grab-and-go food market is a relatively large one - well, in our local context, think Deliveroo, GRAB Food, Food Panda, to name a few. The grab-and-go food industry is the burgeoning of our millennial eating patterns, the way we eat has changed the food industry significantly.

Pre-packaged, ready-to-eat food items line the supermarkets and we no longer wear our PJs down to the market just to nurse our growling tummy.

Too busy? No problem, food delivery's here. You don't even need to talk to someone, just press a few buttons on the app, and voila! Piping hot meals delivered to you.

Just as my interest in this food trend is piqued, the Living Menu team approached me to offer me to try out their service. I tried a week of their meals, and here's my quick review.

How Their Lunch Service Works

Step 1: Order
Order from their daily evolving menu, that offers up to 100 new dishes every month. Get 20% off menu price if you order your lunch at least 2 business days in advance.

Step 2: Choose a Location
Select from our list of currently available pick up locations with respective pick up times. Door-to-door delivery is available with a minimum single date advanced order of $100.

Step 3: Bon Appetit!
On days stated in your ordered items, head over to your selected pick up location at the stated pick up time if you choose the pick up option. 

The Food Prep
I had questions on how the food prep process was, before I collected it from my pre-selected location. Living Menu patiently took my questions and shared that they work with affiliated NEA licensed operators to ensure that customers enjoy quality meals. The kitchen focuses on producing consumer dishes, improving on their menu as they collect feedback from customers along the way. Food are kept fresh as all meals are freshly prepared on the day itself, kept in thermal delivery bags during lunch hours, and are prepared to last within the stipulated hours of consumption.

Payment Storage Details
The thing about shopping online, for food and clothes and even furniture irks me when I have to use my credit card to pay. I usually use a paypal for my online transactions, but I realise Living Menu doesn't have paypal, so I try to find out more from them since the thing about storing payment details online has always bugged me. They kindly shared that absolutely no credit card details are stored on their website, as they use a 3rd party payment gateway call stripe that has a tight security policy that protects user information.

Quick tip: You can find credit cards on Finty.com that have rewards on restaurant and food delivery spend.
Unlock their secret menu!

Would I try them again?
Yes. And here are a few reasons why.

#1: I work somewhere in the central area, so it’s pretty easy for me to hop onto a train to collect my takeaway meals. My only gripe is that the only places for collection are around the CBD areas, and don't have coverage in the east and west areas. But this business is definitely viable as people in the CBD areas are very busy people, shuffling in and out every single work day. Grab-and-go businesses that offer reasonable prices are a hit in the CBD areas, and what's more, Living Menu provides cheaper and a pretty delicious option for the vegan folks - so, they'll thrive. It's great!

#2: The food is overall warmly received (and I mean this literally) and when I bring it back to my office, it still is warm to enjoy (after at least 15 minutes!). Certain foods that I would expect it to have become soft during the process of me bringing it back to my office still did not become soft - which is a good thing because they managed to keep the quality of the food as it was from the kitchen.

#3: Over the course of me having their food for 4 out of 5 days, the delivery person was always on time at the stipulated collection point. If your collection timing was, for example, 12.15pm, they are usually there slightly before that timing and will wait at least 15mins.

#4: Another plus point for me is that all their packaging materials are also eco-friendly, from the container, to the cutlery - and pretty high quality too.

#5: I also liked that ordering on the website was fuss-free, and relatively easy enough for any less IT savvy folks to navigate. But my only mini gripe is that I forgot to input my contact number (and they don't press you for that information too due to PDPA laws) so if I were running late, the delivery guy won't be able to contact me at all to check if I'm still coming. So that would make me feel bad, so that's that.

#6: The element of surprise. You can even unlock a secret menu item when you checkout with 3 lunch items at once, so that was pretty fun too, as I would look forward to seeing what the secret menu was. The menu items are different every single week, so that's something to look forward to.

#7: Food is palatable and reasonable priced. And I guess this is the most important point after all.

If you're interested, check out their socials below and if you'd like to get yourself a 30% off your first order, sign up for an account via my referral link here 'https://signup.living.menu/janelkuuu' for a better rate!

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