(Review + Discount code) Sudio NIVA, wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden

(Review + Discount code) Sudio NIVA, wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden

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As most of you following my Instagram account (@janelkuuu) would know, I'm super into going to the gym nowadays, and through that I've successfully lost more than 20 kg over the past year. 

I'll write about my weight loss story sometime soon, but first, shall we talk about Sudio Niva, the new super chio (pretty) earphones from Swedish audio firm Sudio

- Built-in mic
- Play Music / Pause Music / Take Calls
- Compatibility with Android and iOS
- Playtime 3.5 hours each (totalling 17.5hours with 4 charges)
- Driver type: dynamic
- Sensitivity: 105dB SPL @ 1 kHz
- Bluetooth 4.2 technology

The Sudio Nivå is the Swedish company’s first entry into the wireless earphones market, and now, not only does a wireless earphone need to be able to deliver, it also needs to serve up as a fashion statement.

Perhaps that's why the Sudio Niva is getting so much attention, because its colours are not only easy to match with your daily fashion, but also manages to deliver awesome sounding tunes from your phone to your ears. 

Honestly, I'm someone who do not enjoy using wireless earphones because I always had the fear of sudden disconnection to my music, or worry that the earphones run out of battery very quickly. 

Fortunately, the Sudio Niva was pretty decent when I tested it out. 

Unfortunately, if you're someone who needs to be able to control everything using your earphones, It's not possible to do that with the Sudio Niva - mainly you can't (1)control volume and you'll have to do that on your phone directly, and (2) you can't skip your music tracks backwards.

Also, its voice-picking-up function (I'm a techie noob so pardon me for my noobish tech descriptions) when I pick up calls do not quite meet my expectations in extremely noisy environments (such as during train rides) - fair enough - perhaps also because the mic is all the way at your ear level, as opposed to speaking when you're holding your phone, where the mic is very much nearer to your mouth. So I don't think I can fault that too much with these pair of earphones since I think this problem should be one that's prevalent to most wireless earphones/bluetooth headsets out there. 

Thankfully, I still overall do enjoy these pair of earphones very much especially during gym sessions, because I need a good pair wireless earphones to deliver songs and sounds from my Youtube exercise instructors' videos to my ears while I'm attempting to follow along. Its colours are really nice, acting as a lovely accessory while I'm listening to music while rushing to various places. 

May I also add that I find it's awesome when I actually need to visit the washroom, I do not need to unplug my music to my ears as I go about my business? 

TMI? Ok, fine. But just so you know, it works that way for me and I LOVE IT. haha!

The case that the earphones come in also acts as its charging station - a portable charging case for the Sudio Niva. Its case comes in corresponding colours of the earphones, with a leathery brown functional strap which adds an edgy Scandinavian styled fashion tinge to it.

It also came with a simple usb cable for recharging the case. The case won't be overcharged because it comes with a function where it automatically stops charging once it's full. Which is good because most times, I forget and many of my devices ends up overcharging and the battery's lifespan gets reduced :(

Anyone can learn how to use the Sudio Niva in a matter of minutes. Just switch it on by pressing on the one-button located on each side of the earphones. If you don't want to switch on both sides, you can just switch on one side and leave the other unused earphone in the charging case. 

Just note that if you're using 2 earphones, switching off one side of the earphone will cause both sides to be switched off. 

As with most earphones, the Sudio Niva provides extra earbuds for your selection based on what's a comfortable fit in your ears.

The white earphone version comes with light grey earbuds, while the pink earphone version comes with white earbuds. Another colour they have for the earphones is black, which comes with just, plain black earbuds. 

To be honest, when Sudio contacted me and asked me which colour I wanted, I was contemplating between choosing the black or pink version because the colours were actually all something I would totally wear, for different occasions. 

Why I wasn't thinking to choose white was because I already bought the white earphones before Sudio even reached out to me (yes, I am a paying customer too)!

Connecting with my phone proved no issues at all, and overall, delivered a sound quality of which I was satisfied. Sudio estimates a whopping total of 17.5h of use between 4 charges, as well as a 10m Bluetooth range - which I was not able to test since I was never too far from my phone, but I was still pretty much able to receive my music from my work desk to the photocopier room in my office (about 30-40 steps away).


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