Christmas buffet at Stewords Riverboat Singapore

Christmas buffet at Stewords Riverboat Singapore

It's Christmas day! Wishing all my online friends a very merry christmas, fa la la la la, la la la la!

And so, we went out with the fam bam to enjoy a Christmas buffet at the Stewords Riverboat. Mum pre-booked the tickets for this session online, as she's visited the riverboat for a dinner session before that came with live music and really enjoyed it, so she wanted us to also have this experience (how sweet <3).

This place is at Marina South Pier, which is easily accessible by taking the train to Marina South Pier MRT Station (circle line, yellow line).

Honestly, we didn't know it'll be exactly next to the MRT station. We drove there and couldn't find parking space (very limited parking spaces) which were full by the time we got there at 11.45am.

Our lunch booking was at 12pm, don't like to be late, so we were abit worried about not getting there on time, should we have to wait for a parking lot. Hence we drove to the next available carpark (super spacious) Marina Bay Cruise Center and took a 5 minute sheltered walk along the walkway leading to the pier.

We didn't know that there were people who actually fished there, flew drones or attempted having a picnic there, as it was so hot with little shade from trees.

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Here we are! At our lunch location.

All in all for $42++ per person (lunch, adult),we were able to enjoy a sumptuous Christmas buffet spread which features a live carving station of beef ribeye, lamb and christmas turkey, live pasta booth which served up a pretty good Singapore chilli crab pasta as well as other christmas western delights and desserts galore! What I liked about it best was also that there were free tastings of wines & craft beers available!

The packaged buffet meal came with a selection of one wine / beer or juice to pair alongside your buffet meal, and of course, we beer-ed it, especially when it was Heineken on tap.

There was also a pop-Up Christmas Cocktail Bar, where you can make your own Christmas-sy cocktails such as the classic Snowball and Christmas Mojito!
At the beer tasting booth, I tried all 4 beers and 1 cider, and I have to say my favourite 2 of the lot both came from the same brewing company: Bridge Road Brewers. I've just started learning how to appreciate craft beers and I must say I now like beers so much more than wine (sorry not sorry).

This one I'm holding is the Bridge Road Bling IPA (ABV 5.8%), a flavoursome IPA with subtile citrus undertones. Pretty smooth and easy to drink, with mild carbonation. Hence = my style.
Another one I liked, is the Bridge Road Robust Porter (ABV 5.2%), which tasted stronger because of its deep chocolate and coffee flavours. Nice and slightly closer to stout, I could also taste a little citrus in there. It was pretty smooth too and I enjoyed it, with what feels like moderate carbonation.

 Desserts galore, woohoo!
 Creamy pumpkin soup - pretty delectable!

6 Pasta choices available: 
Carbonara Cremoso in Grana Padano Wheel
Aglio Olio
Classico Beef Bolognese with Meatballs
Squid Ink with Seafood
Singapore Chilli Crab
Laksa Genovese

We liked the Singapore chilli crab one the most!

Unfortunately, my sister didn't like the crepes, because it wasn't the true blue crepe, you know, the thin type. I didn't get to try the crepes but I went for the desserts instead.
Had the desserts from the dessert bar - I have to say I do think their cupcakes are pretty good, although poor ol' Rudolph here looks like he had been hit in the nose and was left bleeding.
Before I forget, I also want to mention the carvery station, which offers 3 types of meat - the beef ribeye, turkey and lamb. I didn't take the lamb because we're not that into it, but the beef (with the Truffle Mushroom Gravy) and turkey were good. The turkey turned out to be pleasantly tender, which we didn't expect, especially from a buffet spread.
 Just had to acknowledge their christmas decorations, it was too pretty not to have taken a photo with!
Went up to the third floor of the boat (buffet was on the first floor, which was the only floor open for lunch). There was no one, and it was pretty warm up there, but it offered nice sea views, including one that overlooked the Marina South pier and Marina Bay Sands, which can be seen from a short distance away.

We really enjoyed the time spent together in this meal, despite half my family members ended up feeling seasick due to the rocking motion that came with eating on a boat. My mum and I were the only ones with stronger stomachs, it seemed. haha.

Stewords Riverboat Christmas Market & Buffet
Location: 31 Marina Coastal Drive, Berth 1, Marina South Pier Singapore 018988
Website: http://riverboat.com.sg/

More details on this event (2018 version) can be viewed here: http://riverboat.com.sg/happenings/christmas-2018/

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