Get a taste of Taiwan Coffee: Barista Gourmet Drip Coffee by Barista Coffee

Get a taste of Taiwan Coffee: Barista Gourmet Drip Coffee by Barista Coffee

Sample Store is bringing Taiwan to you! Sample store has many beauty and F&B products waiting to be redeemed over the next few weeks, and in the 3rd week, they will be having the Barista Gourmet Drip Coffee by Barista Coffee!

What's special about this product is that the coffee beans specifically blended by chief barista with a specific roasting degree to create quality gourmet coffee, the brand insists on using 100% fresh Arabica coffee beans from high mountains!

Focuses on the formula and roasting techniques to keep the original flavour, creating an integrated taste of aroma, sweet and unique flavor

The Gourmet Drip Coffee launched by Barista Coffee has three main features:
(1) Roasted in Taiwan
(2) Nitrogen gas packing; lasting good flavor.
(3) Patented drip bag; it is easy to brew.

Directions on how to enjoy: 
1. Tear along the line on the filter bag
2. Pull out the hanging ears on both sides and place them steadily on the coffee cup
3. Slowly pour 180ml of hot water (92∘C-94∘C) into the drip bag
4. Lift the filter bag from both sides and throw away the residue

That's all! Redeem yours today here: http://bit.ly/2qR3Qiq
Find out more about the brand and the product here: http://www.barista.com.tw

For more products, head over to SampleStore.com !

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