Millenia Walk's Reunion Lunch: 11 food places here to get your CNY started!

Millenia Walk's Reunion Lunch: 11 food places here to get your CNY started!

Visited Millenia Walk for an awesome reunion 9-course luncheon, alongside over 50 media guests and influencers, right smack in the middle of the mall! We were served with a variety of delicious dishes, starting off with a lovely Yu sheng (cos, CNY! WOOHOO!)

Some of you might following me on instagram (@janelkuuu) might have already seen my instastories with the hashtags: #milleniawalk and #reuniontoremember , and seen some of the delicacies we've enjoyed at this event.

The scrumptious meal features Lunar New Year specials including Plentyfull Blossom – Yu Sheng with Yellowtail Hamachi from modern brasserie Plentyfull, and Oyster and Hotate Katsu from Saboten, newly launched artisanal 68% Ghana Single Origin Dark Chocolate ice-cream from The Dark Gallery.

Well, let's begin the feasting, shall we?

The Bean Shop by Cafebond.com
Millenia Walk, #01-52

Tried their Caramel and Raisin hand brewed filter coffee, which is a mellow type coffee. Their basic's single origin coffee from Brazil, hand brewed on the spot. I loved it so much I drank 3 cups of it.

The Bean Shop by Cafebond.com is Singapore’s first specialty coffee bean-only retail store which allows coffee lovers to shop a curated selection of freshly roasted coffee beans from over 20 top cafes and roasters around the world, including Melbourne, Tokyo and Canberra.

We also tried 3 Sparkling Sakes (provided by Kirei Japanese Food Supply) during the event: Akane Sparkling Sake (7.5%), Akazaru Sparkling Shochu (5%) and the Shirayuki de Ai Sparkling Sake (7.5%).

We loved the Akazaru Sparkling Shochu and the Shirayuki de Ai Sparkling Sake! It was so addictive, I swore I could have finished the entire bottle super quickly!

Shirayuki de Ai Sparkling Sake (7.5%)

Akazaru Sparkling Shochu (5%)

Sorry, but to be honest, this one is the least favourite of my liking. :P
Akane Sparkling Sake (7.5%)

Joe & Dough 

Millenia Walk, #01-86/87
I tried the pineapple tarts and citrus & mixed seeds butter cookies by Joe & Dough Pineapple Tarts. The pineapple tarts feature buttery pastry hugging a filling of pineapple jam mixed with coffee-infused cranberries. Each tin costs $25. The Citrus & Mixed Seeds Butter Cookies ($23.80) is a sweeter treat with sunflower, pumpkin and melon seeds mixed with orange peels. A pretty interesting mix that lives up to its name of a CNY cookie. Those who visit Joe & Dough can also try their pastries and cakes, which I love as well. Ah yes, probably get a cup of joe at this cafe as well.

Millenia Walk, #01-79

We enjoyed a healthier style lohei yusheng from Plentyfull: Blossom Yu Sheng with Yellowtail Hamachi! Everything at Plentyfull is made from scratch with the freshest seasonal produce sourced from farmers and artisans locally and internationally. By day, it offers a market table luncheon spread where guests can mix and match their meals; by night, it transforms into a modern brasserie.

The Plentyfull Blossom Yu Sheng is inspired by the flavours of South Thailand and North of Malaysia. With reminiscence of kerabu flavours, pineapple and Thai ginger dressing is used for a refreshing mix of flavours. The vegetables include green papaya shred, beetroot shread, pretty watermelon radish and topped with fried yam strips and micro cress! Cured Yellowtail Hamachi was used to complement their Yu Sheng flavours.

The aftermath
elemen 元素
Millenia Walk, #01-75A/76

elemen 元素 offers a wholesome meat-free dining experience that benefits your health without compromising the earth’s sustainability. Today we got to try their 5 Elements Soup 元素五行汤 as well as the Charcoal Beancurd w/ Golden Oyster Mushroom 金蚝菇伴竹炭豆腐. These two dishes were really delish and we enjoyed it thoroughly!

The “5 elements” refer to the soup base which comprises five different ingredients – Burdock Root, Carrot, Shiitake Mushroom, Radish, Radish Leaves. This is a nourishing dish which includes rare and healthy ingredients like Snow Lotus Seed, Bamboo Fungus, Chinese Golden Fungus and Red Dates. Also, we scrapped the sides of the coconut 'bowl' clean and there was so much coconut flesh along with the soup to be enjoyed!

As for the Charcoal Beancurd w/ Golden Oyster Mushroom, another lovely take on fried beancurd! This one is homemade, deep fried and served with asparagus, golden oyster mushroom, served with their special miso gravy drizzled on top. A really delectable dish which most of us enjoyed!

Tokyo Chopped Salad
Millenia Walk, #01-102

This salad was not normal. It was super delish! This is the premium beef tataki salad from Tokyo Chopped Salad, which is also the first chopped salad brand in Singapore. Their unique Japanese inspired dressings are specially crafted by award winning Chef Teppei Yamashita.

Tokyo Chopped Salad uses premium ingredients such as the Wagyu Beef Tataki for the salads, promising quality with every scoop. This salad is made up of premium ingredients like Wagyu Beef Tataki tossed with Shitake, Mushrooms, Red Onion, Broccoli, Snow Peas, Wakame, Quinoa, Brown Rice and Romaine Lettuce, then topped off with Sesame dressing! This was so delicious we took some back home as well.

Millenia Walk, #02-14

Oyster and Hotate Katsu
Established in 1966, Saboten is one of the largest tonkatsu restaurant chains in Japan. From Saboten, we tried their oyster and hotate katsu dish, which uses Hiroshima plump, juicy oysters and Hokkaido fresh scallops, breaded and deep fried to golden perfection. The oysters were our favourite out of the two.

Teppei Syokudo
Millenia Walk, #01-105

If you haven't already heard of Teppei Syokudo, you're late to the kaisendon party! We got a taste of their signature Kaisendon with the famous Teppei sauce. Their Kaisendon has 6 different types of seafood / sashimi mixed with signature sauce, served on Japanese sushi rice, and is not to be missed.

Thai Affair
Millenia Walk, #01-103

These Moo Ping Signature grilled pork skewers from Thai affair are juicy and goes so well with its dipping sauce! Thai Affair focuses on simple, fresh ingredients to bring the authentic flavours of Thailand to the table. Only handpicked and freshest ingredients are used, along with Thai herbs and spices, to deliver all-time Thai favourites and tantalizing street snacks.

Uma Uma
Millenia Walk, #02-06
Uma Uma served up their Mazesoba Chasiu dry ramen, which is slightly spicy with spring onion, bamboo shoots, leeks and a very pretty looking egg! Mix them all together and you'll have a satisfying savoury bowl of hakata-style noodles, great for lunch time cravings!

Millenia Walk, #01-107

Founded in 2004, Beano has been serving delicious and nutritious soymilk and soy beancurd over the years, using only premium certified non-genetically modified beans from Canada. Rich, thick and lightly sweetened, Beano Soymilk contains no artificial flavouring and colouring, and is completely preservative-free. It is freshly made every day. Best of all, Beano Soymilk is double-boiled to retain the nutrients in the soybeans. We tried all the traditional beancurd, grass jelly and ice jelly versions, which tasted so good and yet not overly sweet. So don't miss out on trying this dish!

The Dark Gallery
Millenia Walk, #01-K5

A lovely ending to the Millenia Walk Reunion Lunch is a single scoop of artisanal dark chocolate ice cream by The Dark Gallery! I love this ice-cream soooo much! This is their newly launched 68% Ghana Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream! The description of the icecream cannot be more literal than its name already is.

Chances are, if you follow food instagrammers on instagram, you would already have heard of The Dark Gallery or eyeballed it sometime along the way. Its signature goodies are all freshly made using couverture chocolate sourced from gourmet chocolate brands; Valrhona and Cacao Barry, as well as other small-batch bean-to-bar chocolatiers. These tempting indulgences include ice cream, bonbons, macarons, cookies, and hot and iced beverages.

Once again, thank you Millenia Walk for the invitation to such a sumptuous and delicious feast!

Millenia Walk
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039596
Mall Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

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