Review: Hokkaido's Ramen Shingen (らーめん 信玄 南6条店)

Review: Hokkaido's Ramen Shingen (らーめん 信玄 南6条店)

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Singaporeans know this very well: Long queues spell good food.

In Hokkaido I did a last minute google search on popular Hokkaido ramen stores and this one popped up.

Since it was near my hotel, we decided to go for it, especially when the weather was so so windy and cold. This ramen shop is located somewhere in the Susukino district (a.k.a entertainment district).

When we reached there, the small shop already had its seats all filled, that's because they really don't have many seats to begin with (about 13 counter seats). Either way, we decided to sit down to wait. Everyone there was local.

Queues started to form behind us as it hit 5.40pm. We were impressed by the snaking queues, at this time, still all locals, we were the only tourists (perhaps because of the timing).

To my joy, we didn't have to wait very long as the Japanese eats their ramen very fast, I realised. After waiting for less than 15 mins, we managed to get our seats.

There's also an English menu to help you choose your food, so no worries on that.

I learnt that if you're not sure how to read the Japanese menu in such shops, just take the first order, you'll never go wrong. Either way, I decided to check with the staff as my dad wanted a spicy version of their ramen.

I have to say that the staff are incredibly accommodating and polite even though they’re really busy serving everyone's orders. Cool, they could also manage simple English conversations.

Each bowl of ramen cost us about 760 yen.

Cutlery, tissue paper and seasonings aplenty on the table. I love grating some fresh sesame into my ramen, don't forget to try that as well as it'll really elevate the taste!

Watch the chefs cook in front of you in the open kitchen as you wait.

I also ordered gyoza (380yen), which satisfied my gyoza cravings. It was nicely panfried, skin was crisp and fillings were delicious.

There are various soup bases for you to select from: soy, salt, miso and spicy miso. You can also choose to add more slices of roast pork for additional costs, which we didn't go for.

The ramen is made of pork bone broth, and it was pretty flavourful and fragrant. Every one is heard slurping their ramen, which I guess is really only culturally acceptable to slurp soup so loudly in Japan to represent your happiness with a noodle soup dish.

5.51pm: My piping hot ramen is served.

The noodles will fill you up like crazy because they are pretty generous. The noodles also has a surprisingly nice chewy texture to it. The soup was rich in flavour, a slight creaminess that I love in a broth and I finished my soup because it was really delicious and comforting on a cold night.

They are supposedly the ramen store that sells traditional Sapporo Miso Ramen, so if you want to try how the traditional taste tastes like, visit Ramen Shingen.

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Ramen Shingen (Minami 6 Jo Store)
Location: 8-8-2, Minami 6 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Tel: 011-530-5002
Operating Hourse: 11:30am – 1am

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