Maru Dine & Bar - Contemporary Asian fusion restaurant in Tanjong Pagar

Maru Dine & Bar - Contemporary Asian fusion restaurant in Tanjong Pagar

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Visited Maru, a contemporary Asian fusion restaurant located in Singapore’s Central Business district of Tanjong Pagar. What's interesting about this bar is that they've integrated the flavours of Vietnam and Japan, thus patrons can expected a fusion of both cultures. 

My friend was crazy enough to order a 40% hard liquor drink during lunchtime, and I took a sip, it was totally too hardcore for me. haha.

Some popular items on their menu include the Iberico Pork Jowl that features strips of tender and crispy pork cheek served along with a tofu purée and a savoury mentaiko sauce, as well as their Uni Ikura Angel Hair that comes with caviar, seaweed, truffle and a Japanese-inspired sauce made using fresh sea urchin. I did like the Iberico Pork Jowl, it was tender and flavourful, which I found enjoyable (meat lover here). 

However, for the Ikura Angel Hair pasta, I found that while interesting enough to enjoy, I thought the angel hair pasta could have been cooked a little more for better bite texture.

One special drink to try would be the vietnamese coffee, which is served with an egg yolk and condensed milk, whisked within a small cup of brewed black coffee. It'll be served as a frothy drink, and the cup is placed within a bowl of warm water to keep it at a good warm temperature for enjoyment.

It was pretty much my first time drinking such a coffee, which was an interesting experience. I liked the first sip of it, then afterwards it became far too sweet for my liking. In fact, take it like a dessert, yes, it's really that sweet. I would say that it'll probably appeal to the sweet tooth nation, but for me, I like my coffee strong and heavy without sugar or milk. So, this was not for me.

2 days later, my friends and I were around the area in the evening time, so we decided to head to Maru again to try their drinks. We also ordered some dishes to go along our cocktails. 

I have to say we totally loved the Steamed Spicy Asari ($15 for small, $24 for large), and we regretted getting the small one cos it was really so good we finished it in no time. This clam soup was sweet, savory and spicy at the same time, which leaves one to wonder how does a dish do that! The spicy soup was really appetising and we whacked the soup by itself after finishing the toast they served on the side. 

On the menu, it seems like there's only 4 cocktails up for selection, but feel free to let the bartender know what kind of taste you're looking for and she'll whip something up for you. Basically, the 4 cocktail choices are specially created by the bartender and of course, is what's recommended. 

We chose 3 out of 4 cocktails, and have to say that the drinks were really to our liking.

Umeboshi G&T is refreshing and light on the palette, with umeboshi flavours peeking out say 'hello' with every sip, while the Reishi (jasmine tea infused vodka base) is really pretty, sweet and delicious. I had the Cuke, a cucumber infused gin, which was light and easy to drink.

Overall, my friends and I concluded that Maru is a pretty neat place for drinks, and most likely we'd be going back for a after-work chill date sometime soon. :)

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Maru Dine & Bar
Location: 12 Gopeng Street #01-05 Icon Village Singapore 078877
Opening Hours: 11:30am - 11:00pm (Mon-Fridays), 04:00pm - 11:00pm (Saturdays), Closed on Sundays
Reservations: +65 63271123
Website: http://marusg.com

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