Impact Mints continue to make an impact!

Impact Mints continue to make an impact!

Some time ago, I received an invitation to join Impact Mints at a cozy cafe and to learn more about their mints selection!

These little mints in tin boxes are a common sight in some of your supermarkets, and we've definitely had them before growing up! Impact Mints was created in Germany by a company which have been producing dextrose and mints for more than 60 years now. Branded Impact Mints were only created in year 2002 and since then, their brand name really took off, creating an Impact in various markets which retailed them.

At the start there only were two mint types, but this slowly grew with their fruity mints proving so successful that they constantly look to develop more new great tastes for our customers. Now, there's a total of 5 mint flavours: Peach, Strawberry, Mango, Blackcurrent and Fresh Mints.

Mango is the latest addition and we just love it cos it carries a strong mango taste!

What I love about these mints are that there's no trace of artificial colouring agents in them and this product is of the highest quality! Each one retails at $2.60 (100g)!

The party was so colourfully decorated with coloured cupcakes, macarons and of course, we had a lovely dinner too!

I mixed blackcurrent and mango juice, which had a secret ingredient in them... yes you guessed it, they blended Impact Mints in there (say what?) It was extremely refreshing and impactful, no kidding.

After a lovely dinner, we also proceeded to make our own fruity yogurt which we could bring home and enjoy too. Impact Mints was very kind to give us a few mint flavours to giveaway, so if you want to enjoy them, please send your requests to me via email and I will mail it to the first person who emails me! :)

Once again, thanks Impact Mints for the wonderful night!

To learn more on Impact Mints, visit http://www.impactmints.com/ .

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