CCA (까) Hair Salon opens at Holland Village!

CCA (까) Hair Salon opens at Holland Village!

 Congratulations CCA (까) Hair Salon on your new salon opening!

I'm back at CCA Hair Salon again, only this time, it's at a new branch which was just opened earlier this month! Yes, they performed so well that a second branch is now open. Can I also say that the second branch has this really awesome decor that you must definitely check out?

The super Korean hipster styled colour light signage!
A very interesting Korean phrase (filled with Korean slangs)

The washing station has a really dapper feel to it! I really love it.

They also have a smaller station where they sell various popular Korean items from various brands. They will be expanding the services of this branch to also include a nails service (not ready yet, but soon!)

They even have this mini Korean game station that is really traditional (and great for bored boyfriends).

Their salon is located on the second level along Holland village, directly opposite this restaurant.

To ensure their customer have a totally comfortable experience, they also provide back massagers for their customers! Another feature I loved.

 They also serve coffee and tea on the house, so go ahead and order it!

My hair is super damaged so I decided to do an intensive treatment service (I did the Tokio hair treatment this time). (T_T)

Thanks to my stylists for the day, Ria and Doyeon, for the great hair treatment service and fantastic hosting, as usual! I love that the stylists there are always genuinely concerned for you and won't ask you to do what they think doesn't work for your features or hair condition.

Some new key features found only at the Holland Village branch include:
- Nail Services (coming soon)
- Korean beauty product purchase services (coming soon)
- Massage services (via equipment)
- Korean old school video games for bored boyfriends
- a great view and a mini 'cafe' where bored boyfriends or girlfriends can chill out at while waiting for you to finish your hair services

Usually, I feel that what's most important is the AFTER of the hair service, and how well the hair would hold. So a few days later, here's how it looks.

As you can see, my hair is more nourished and easier to maintain, while I still have my stray hairs but it's much less frizzy.

Of course, it's no miracle and you definitely have to be consistent about keeping up your hair treatments to maintain your hair quality!

I find my hair easier to manage now and as usual, I am totally satisfied with the service!

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CCA (까) Hair Salon (Holland Village Branch)
Location: 29A Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277687
Tel: (+65) 6463-1471
Website: www.cca7.com.sg

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