Seoul's Village 11 Factory (빌라쥬11팩토리): #Geek_Strange_Lab and Moisture Cream Review

Seoul's Village 11 Factory (빌라쥬11팩토리): #Geek_Strange_Lab and Moisture Cream Review

So, in my recent trip to Seoul, I visited Seoul's artistic cosmetic brand: Village 11 Factory. Situated in Garosugil, one cannot stop but to enter this lovely shop decked in white and shades of light pink.

So pretty. This beauty emporium just opened earlier this year in January 2017, and has 2 floors - both worthy of exploring. The first storey looks like a factory / chemist lab of sorts, which the second floor has specially designed themed settings that are oh-so-insta-worthy.

From here on, I'll let the photos speak for itself.

Within this space, you can try any cosmetics or skincare on display, including their own home brand: Village 11 Factory, MIZON and AGATHA.

I couldn't help but to buy their moisture cream, because this moisturiser, albeit in cream form, absorbs quickly and is not sticky at all! Also, it is very lightly scented (which to be honest I don't mind at all) and it's a scent which I think is very attractive.

Made mainly with plant oils, eco ceramide and natural skincare ingredients. It's supposed to help retain moisture on skin for a longer time and make it healthier with eco ceramide contents. For more information, check out this page (only in Korean though, sorry!)

[How to use] After using serum, gently spread a suitable amount on skin for absorption.

Unfortunately, I'm enjoying using this cream so much that I kind of regretted not buying more from here. But well, no choice, I'll have to save it for my next Seoul trip!

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Village 11 Factory (빌라쥬11팩토리)
Location: 546-11 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Website: http://www.village11factory.com/
Operating hours: Daily, 11:00-22:00

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