Proofer brings sushi into the heartlands: Yuba Hut

Proofer brings sushi into the heartlands: Yuba Hut

Behind the same team who runs Proofer comes Yuba Hut. This time, they've entered the heartlands, bringing various Japanese favourites, like makis, rice bowls, yakitori combinations, sashimi, etc, to the North-East crowd.

A fast-food concept, the eatery is not very spacious and only houses a couple of tables.

We tried the Champion Floss Maki ($9.90 for 4 pieces), Cream cheese mentaiko Salmon ($9.90 for 4 pieces), Salmon Aburi Don ($14.90) and Spicy Salmon Don.

I kinda like the cream cheese mentaiko salmon maki, which promises a rich and cheesy flavour. It's sinful and pretty delicious.

If you're one of those who likes century egg, you might want to try their Taiyou Century Egg Maki ($9.90 for 4 pieces) - unfortunately I must say that this did not impress me as much because I had expected a richer century egg flavour, which did not come through.

I must say that the Spicy Salmon Don offers the most kick for me, though a handful of customers might likely find the spicy salmon don to be a tad too spicy for their liking.

Visitors might also be happy to note that all prices listed , which begin from $6.90, are at nett prices.

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Yuba Hut
Location: 01-19/20 Heartland Mall, Block 205 Hougang Street 21
Open: 11am to 10pm daily

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