Visiting South Union Park's Newly Launched Breakfast Menu

Visiting South Union Park's Newly Launched Breakfast Menu

I must confess that I have not tried any lunch items on their menu, despite having heard some pretty good things about their food. As an east sider, I really am unhappy over the lack of good cafes in the east area. 

South Union Park is going to change that for me. Nestled in a private residential area, it's 2 stone throws away (yes, I mean this, like a 5 min walk) from Kembangan MRT station. 

I heard how they recently started a breakfast service (9am to 12pm) every weekend and proceeded to head down with another east sider friend to check it out. 

The cafe is a cozy one, and upon arrival, I already got to see a couple of families having breakfast here. This place was opened sometime in mid-2016, if I'm not wrong.

There is no service charge or GST here, and patrons are encouraged to tip their staff for good service. The staffers were really polite and friendly, I really liked that about this place. It's a really nice and comfortable environment to chill out with family or friends during the weekends.

Voila! The breakfast menu.

We ordered the apple oats ($9) and the SUPer breakfast ($15).

For the drinks, my friend had the hibiscus cold brew tea ($5) and I had a matcha latte ($5). The matcha latte wasn't very strong in terms of the matcha taste but I really liked it somehow. It was not sweet as well because the sugar is served on the side. The hibiscus cold brew tea was one of their signatures and it was pretty nice as well. I will go back one day to try the coffees.

Here, the SUPer breakfast. Looks wise, it looked pretty similar to macdonald's big breakfast. But I'm really glad that it tastes nothing like it. I would have liked the scrambled eggs to be slightly more runny and creamy, though. We had a choice to choose either breakfast sausage patty or bacon. I don't think I can stay away from any sausage patty so that's what I chose.

The oily patty was good with the house muffins, and the butter lettuce salad provided some relief from the oily combo. You know, breakfasts.

What impressed me was the seemingly 'simple' apple oats, served with caramelised apples, walnuts, organic maple syrup. Seriously, this was pretty delicious for me. And I think I would like to head back for some french toast and baked eggs soon.

Oh yes, also - to try their lunch menu where I heard they've got duck skin fries? I mean, come on. That's gonna win hands down for me.

Overall, I guess you will probably see me back there very soon to try the rest of their menu items. :)

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South Union Park
Location: 101 Jalan Kembangan Singapore 419139
Tel: +65-90618703

For opening hours, please check their facebook here: LINK

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