My First NEWAY Karaoke Box Experience in Hong Kong!

My First NEWAY Karaoke Box Experience in Hong Kong!

With a few more hours to burn before we head off to Busan, we decided to enjoy our final hours in Hong Kong with a karaoke session.

Since we were staying near Moko (a mall in Mongkok that somewhat gives off a feel of the Ion Orchard Singapore), we visited the Neway Karaoke Box in the same mall.

We were shown to our room (#8) which was a stone's throw from the washroom conveniently located within the karaoke shop. Each room had about 4 microphones that came with one-time disposable mic covers that you could use to protect the hygiene of singers who sometimes like to stick their mouths to the mic heads.

We loved that they provided 4 mics for our room because there's no need to be waiting in line to sing anymore!

Also loved the touchscreen monitor TV screen, which is customisable in various languages that include Mandarin and English (important for non-chinese speakers). The controls were easy to grasp and in no time we already selected a full list of various English and Chinese songs that easy filled our 3 hours there.

One more thing I love about this place is the buffet. Buffets start from 7pm to 9pm, 2 hour full of binging, if you're not much of a singing person.

Can I hear a capital OMG? Cos they have a fresh sushi bar!!

The variety of food provided is extremely stunning. It includes Hongkong favourites like curry fishballs, tealeaf eggs to a variety of noodles, roasted meats, a salad bar, a dessert and sweets bar as well as various ready cooked dishes that will manage to fit itself into the taste buds of many.

 They even have a seafood counter!

I apologise for the sort-of poor photo quality here, as this was taken from outside the sushi counter!

One of our favourites: Tomato corn cheese. <3

 Last but not least....

They have a buffet steamboat that you can cook on your own!

1. Choose the ingredients
2. fill the pot with your desired soup base (about 70%)
3. Put the pot on the induction cooker and boil for about 3-5 minutes
4. That's all! Bring it into your room to enjoy the piping hot and freshly cooked pot of your own creation!

There's even a list of dipping sauces you can create with this steamboat item and a pretty extensive list of ingredients you can put into your pot - like beancurd skin, meat, fishballs, meatballs, various leafy greens, udon, ramen, vermicelli, egg, tofu, so on and so forth.

Various soup bases include the tofu soup base, tomato soup base, pork broth soup base and a pretty interesting satay soup base.
I went for the tomato soup base, yummy!

We were totally happy with this first experience and had a totally awesome visit here! In total we spent about SGD$40 each for this experience, and yes this includes the buffet and 3 hours of singing!

I personally felt this was very worth it for the price and would have no qualms visiting again should I head to Hongkong for a mini vacation again. :)

They also have other locations available, you can check the full list of locations here.

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MOKO 旺角新世紀 Neway
Location: Shop No. 505, 5/F, MOKO, Prince Edward Road West, Mongkok, Kowloon
Location (in Chinese): 九龍旺角太子道西新世紀廣場5樓505號舖 Website: http://www.newaykb.com.hk/

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