Taiwan's 美咖 MKUP's 5D Illuminating Primer Review!

Taiwan's 美咖 MKUP's 5D Illuminating Primer Review!

Today I'll be sharing on Taiwan's 美咖 MKUP's 5D Illuminating Primer! Also known in Chinese as MKUP 美咖 5D琉璃光妝前乳.

This brand originates from Taiwan and I bought this product from one of their beauty shops. I can't remember exactly how much, but I think it's about SGD$22 after conversion.

You can check out their primer video here (mandarin only). The girl in the video is showing how long lasting it is, with a sheen and radiance that lasts throughout, even as she exercises and sweats profusely.

This is a 2-in-1 Primer and Highlighter.

First look
The box doesn't look too classy at first sight, but well, what's more important are the contents, right?


How to use: 

As a primer, apply onto whole face focusing on dull & sallow areas. Then, blend onto skin with a brush for better effect. Or for lazy people like me, I just applied it onto my face with my fingers. hahaha!

To have an overall highlighting effect, use with a foundation. First, pump out an appropriate amount of foundation & the 5D illuminating primer (I do it with a 1:1 ratio). Mix it well onto your hands and gently pat onto the whole face, focusing on the cheekbones, chin and the t-zone areas. It'll be a nice highlighted finish for the face.


When I first tested it, this primer is extremely weightless and really feels like you just applied a silky veil on your skin. As I'm a Singaporean 'sweater' (person who always sweats too easily), I also dusted some powder to quickly mattify my cheek and forehead areas. But really, you can totally apply this without any powder and it'll be a lovely sheen and glow on your face! I kinda like this!

This primer has violet light reflecting flecks and aims to brighten dull skin while providing a natural strobing effect.

What I like about it is that it's also quite moisturising.

With one of the main ingredients as South America's Natural Babassu Oil, it's supposed to deeply penetrate into skin to lock in moisture without feeling greasy, and soothes sensitive and acne skin. Still, I maintain that it's better to do a test patch first if you're not sure if it's suitable for your skin.

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